Monday, May 14, 2007

can you hear me

dyptych, etching & mezzotint on printmaking paper,
4.5" x 12"


  1. This looks like the inside of a binder. What is mezzotint? What material is this on?

  2. i guess i should go explain it in the post...

  3. the image is created on copperplate (with acid and a rocker to make marks on the plate) and then printed in black ink (oil-based etching ink) on printmaking paper (which is thicker and more absorbent than regular sketching paper). i'll do a post on this or something related to elaborate. i'm probably making it more confusing what i just wrote.

    here is a little demo on mezzotint i found at this site:

    what do you mean inside of a binder? like a book binder?

  4. Yea, it looks like that horizontal white near the middle of the right side of the piece of paper on the left is the top ring of a binder.
    Oh, mezzotint sounds kewl. U really do the more hands-on work, that's kewl. I wanna do it when I visit.