Sunday, May 27, 2007

black series: something else

acrylic & pen on collaged paper mounted on wood panel, 6.75" x 7.6" x 1.75"

The original sketch has a layer of white acrylic on top of the tan paper. In the process of glueing it down to the wood panel, i rubbed too hard and got the layer of paper with the acrylic paint torn up. Fortunately, the area where most of the pen drawing is concentrated (in black) is still in tact.

I thought to recreate the original and paint a flesh layer of white where it was before but now the more i look at it, the more it seems to want to be something else...

It's been hanging next to one of the black series paintings and i like it very much together. So maybe this is where the [black] series need to be heading...incorporating some smaller pieces and drawings maybe.


  1. I like. It looks like a radiator. What did the original look like, that got torn off?

  2. hey it was a radiator! i wasn't sure what to call it since it is the cover that i drew not the actually radiator thing. i turned it sideways because it makes me think more of a window than the radiator.

    originally, where there is the tan colored paper below the radiator, it's all white acrylic paint, with some very light pen lines running down and across.

  3. Cool! I was looking @ this one again and I like it. It looks like it's popping out/3Dish because the paper's not completely flat against the surface. Nice work!