Sunday, May 20, 2007

Mrs. Moy's painted gourds

[4.5" dried gourd, artwork by Mrs. P.K. Moy,
photo taken by J.S. Peng]

[3.5" dried gourd, artwork by Mrs. P.K. Moy,
photo taken by J.S. Peng]

Aren't these gourds lovely? I love love the first one. They are gourds dried and painted by Mrs. Moy, who is now in her 80's and still continues to make her art and craftwork when she can.

A few years ago, i was asked to design a website to showcase her work and so i was lucky to have seen and handled all of the lovely creations she has made over the years.

It is through her that i first learned of dried gourds and ever since seeing her work, i knew i had to do something with dried gourds, too. Mrs. Moy uses opaque and metallic pens to paint on the surface of the dried gourds after it is thoroughly cleaned and scrubbed.

I will add a link to more of her work when i get a chance to post it all up on Flickr since her website is no longer up. In addition to dried painted gourds, she also has painted eggs (duck and goose eggs, too!) and sequined dolls that are just as exquisite in color and design.


  1. Wow, these gourds are nice! I wonder if she uses them as maracas.

  2. no, not maracas. (for music playing you mean, right? i had to look up the word.) that wouldn't be a bad idea though...hmmm...i may steal it from you, Grace :).