Tuesday, May 22, 2007

red bit

Come to think of it, i don't think it was mulberry paper that i first experimented with. But it was some kind of Japanese paper similar to it (one that is often used for woodcut prints) that had a more smoother surface.

I happened to have a big pile of these left-over scraps from these circles that i was cutting out to be used for pages to make a round book. So that is why there are these curves and pointy ends seen in the layering of the paper on the gourd. Actually, the edges of the layers are more noticeable because of the pencil marking from the outline of the circles that i drew to cut out.

Well, okay. So the acrylic easily scratched off so i decided to just take it all off and cover it with the Japanese paper scraps. But as it is with my tendency to save bits and pieces of things, i left a bit of the red so i could also remember how i got to where i am now.


  1. that looks amazing! Almost like a bandaged wound, but also like something swaddled and precious.

  2. This is kewl. I really want to see your studio, looks like you'll have lots of kewl stuff to see/do. I have paper that I don't use, I'll have to put them out n send 'em your way.

  3. oohh...i love paper!