Monday, May 28, 2007

red means go | no

pen & ink on collaged paper, pages from GO book, book dimensions are 6.5" x 4.6"


  1. Mieny! I'm back to leave comments. Well.. got back last week, but first time back on ur site.
    What's the drawing on the left side of the first photo? And is the one of the right side your self portrait?

    I like all the red!

    The 3rd one looks like someone wearing a kimono. Do u c it, do u c it?

  2. I love these! Especially the bottom one. Fabulous!

  3. hi Grace! been missing you and waiting for your fun in the sun pictures. :).

    i keep looking but i don't see someone wearing the kimono. does anyone else? it does look like it could be the fabric of the kimono...hmmm...
    well, it is actually the back of the drawing on chinese calligraphy paper (i pasted the drawing right side down) onto the page.

    yes, the first is a self-portait; left side is the hand extending out wanting to flick the go pieces.

    these pages had been scanned years ago so i may have to update the current state with my camera. the color would come out more accurately than the scanner. you'll see more yellowing in the paper, too.

    thanks, Jan! i'm liking your bananas...i've been wondering when you're going to post! ;).

  4. I love this book!
    red against white (and sometimes with a bit of blue) for some reason reminds me to take a deep breath and exhale slowly (which seems to be more of a calming thing, whereas red is usually associated more with warmth and hot tempers, so I'm not sure why I feel that way)

  5. i told you someone might be kinda crazy. ;).