Wednesday, May 23, 2007

skin flesh

<--outside (front)

inside -->

oil, string & mixed media on wood, 36" x 11.25"

I think this may be the first painting in oil that made me feel like i could actually work with paint my way, which is on wood (not canvas) and incorporating other non-[overpriced] artstore materials with it (string and caulk, yes!). Was it 7 years ago that i was so happy with how this painting turned out? thinking how innovative it was that i used the back as well? that it would be mounted on its side so that the viewer could take in both the front and the back?

But now looking at it, it is kind of making me sick in the stomach. I was thinking maybe i just need to touch it up a little since it is a little scratched up from storage but now i may have to cut it up soon...


  1. Ah Mien, that is rather gross:)
    And I do rather enjoy, it, u know in a sick twisted way, like picking your own scabs:-D
    uh, um, well, any way
    I really like the idea of having them mounted, in reality, if it were my sick twisted paintings that I enjoyed, I'd do more of them, in different colors, hmm, maybe some charcoal-colored, who knows

  2. yeah, i know what you mean about picking scabs, A.W...
    rather conflicted about the painting actually...i don't necessary want to make things that are just pretty and easy on the stomach...
    i think i will try out your suggestion with charcoal-colored and just made me realized how one-dimension the painting is to the title of it.

  3. Whaat, why cut it up? It IS really kewl + innovative that u can mount it on it's side, that u used both sides of it, and that u didn't use traditional materials!