Sunday, June 10, 2007

the forgotten one

dried gourd wrapped in Japanese mulberry paper, 2.5" x 5" [work in progress]

Forgot to include this in my picture of the baby gourds line-up.


  1. that is really beautiful, Mien, such elegance! i would like to pat it.

  2. haha, pat it

    The spikes on it are cool, like a prehistoric gourd that a spikey dinosaur that resembles a rhino would eat or admire.

  3. ahahah! you guys are nuts.

    Jade, you totally cracked me up with what you wrote. i had to try not to laugh out loud too much to myself today at work.
    Grace, i was just able to figure out what you meant.
    yes, patting and then eating it, best compliments to a gourd for sure. :).

  4. mien I think about this image so often, all of the gourds have had a place in one of my sketchbooks for sometime now, I love the texture of the paper and the clean random lines, so protected and comforting. I imagine holding and tapping its surface, cradling it in my hands. The gourd is such a solid form, and yet I can't help but think of an egg. Then the other gourd with the red bit that pierces through, raw bandaged. With your latest flutters, and all the way back here, your work so often recognizes the beautiful, its innate life and its extreme fragility.