Wednesday, June 13, 2007

pineapple pinecones

Do people know that pinecones could look like this?

I never knew that the top (bottom?) could be so round and flower-like. I picked it up to do something with it, thinking that it's some kind of special mutant one. I showed it to John and he made it like that is how all pinecones look like when i expressed my amazement at it. So i told him, No, actually, it is a pineapple. A baby one. And guess what? He believed me. ahahha. let's all point and laugh at him. heheh.

But he was kind of right's not really a mutant one. I found these all over the ground yesterday! I forget that pine trees got their own blossoms in the springtime, too.

Below is the same pineapple cone from the first picture, which looks more like the pinecone i'm familiar with. Can't believe it took me so long to see the other side of it.

And guess what else? Those letters (letters for June) you see in the background are not fitting the way i want them to on any of the black series paintings i'm working on! Too BIG. After all the cutting and sanding and painting them. Now still gotta go and make some more new ones. This time i'll do some measurements.

Or should i make a bigger panel to fit them fat letters? hmmm...


  1. "haaahaaa, Mien triICKed Joohh-ohhn!"
    (u're fun-E!)
    To me, they look like little trees.

    Cool, i like how it went from a photo of one "special cone" (I'll call it Gizmo) to the crowd of other "pineapples" (haha! which I'll call "the mogwai's").

    I haven't seen a pinecone (scattered on a road by trees in the country where I can just pick them up) in a long time! I might still have one @ home.. I like the ones that are sprayed with metallic paints for holiday decorations.

    hmm, what to do w/the letters...

  2. ewww, Grace. no metallic spray on holiday decorations. doesn't it make them look sickly? like little old ladies putting on too much make-up. although i might steal that thought to paint on these pinecones.
    yeah, they do look like little trees. :). i love trees.

    right the process of making a new panel for them letters...

  3. hi! this reminds me of christmas. i like the white background. And the calvin & hobbes snowmen. hahah.

  4. MMmm, Nanny Nanny-MooMoo John?