Tuesday, June 5, 2007

pomelo vase the pomelo man*

half a dried pomelo over a vase i made, 3.75" tall x 4.5" fat

Thinking to use this as a still life for a painting...

*Thanks A.W., for a new and cooler identity!


  1. I like the composition.
    How does a pomelo taste?

  2. Mien, May I name this Pomelo Man?

  3. A.W., anything for you! but i love it, too! it's perfect. thanks, buddy. :).

    Grace, pomelo is gooood. it's like a really plump grapefruit less bitter and more crunchy and sweet. also not as messy to peel off the inner skin. i bring you one next time i see you. yummm. you make me want one now...

  4. Say, is it also called the Ugli fruit? Cuz we saw it in Food Emporium last year or so, so we tried it out and it was like a big grapefruit/orange, but drier, and the skin was also easy to peel off.

  5. nooo. the ulgi fruit is ugly and dry. the pomelo is big and beautiful

  6. Mmm, I can't wait to have a Pomelo with Mieny.