Tuesday, July 17, 2007


pen & rub-on letters on aged/discolored loose leaf paper, book dimensions 6.2" x 5.25", 37 pages

Except maybe for the messy hair, these sketches do not look anything like my sister at all but i love them anyway. You can see that they don't even look like the same person among the pages. But i was so into the sketching at the time and so glad to have such a willing and natural (unposed) model, i didn't care.

Ting, so good you never complained how badly i drew you. :).

--> view as slideshow @ Flicker: red red day


  1. They look like the same person to me. A lovely set of drawings. Mien, thanks so much for your lovely comment on my blog. You made me feel special! I also loved your description of you parents in the previous post. Your posts often make me think. That one has me thinking of my Mum, in a slightly different way. Might have to do a Mum post myself soon.

  2. I like your signature and the monna book.

  3. Such a beautiful set of drawings. Works esp. well as series I think, different moods (yours? hers?), relationships establishing and changing in subtle ways in and outside the drawing(s). Your sister being looked at, you looking and translating to page, a trusting exchange. The fragmentary as important as the more complete. Just lovely and touching.
    Thank you so much for your thoughtful comments on my blog, when I see you've written I know I'll be touched.

  4. great to see it as a slideshow, the closest thing next to having the book in hand.
    I think my 2 favorite pages are 7:03 and the break page, but really it's how they all go together as a whole that is what's so good about it.

  5. really wonderful, a perfect book!

  6. thank you, everyone! i could not have drawn the way i did if my sister was not the non-judgmental person that she is. it is exactly as what Marjojo noted about the trusting exchange...but i think Ting makes it easier for me!