Monday, July 23, 2007

new mini pink series?

oil & mixed media on wooden panel, 6"x 6" each

May, look what came out from the comment you left me on that pink painting (the first one above is supposed to be a mini version for you but it did not turn out as good as i thought it it may have to be reworked into something else...)

I thought i could make use of the June letters to use on these but they are not working well with any of them. Just as Uschi suggested here, the background for those letters does need to be on a longer and slimmer canvas...and i was so excited thinking these letters will be my fastest completed works yet.

Instead, more new problematic paintings to add to my pile of unfinished works!


  1. I want one too!!! Why don't you also give me a june letter :)

  2. guess how many unfinished projects I have on my shelves. Often the first impression was: Yeah! That's it! And then: nothing.....
    But I still munch them around in my mind. That's a creative process, isn't it?? :)

  3. ....and I like those canvases a lot!!

  4. Same here with what uschi said! I've got unfinished projects, too... sigh. I think it'll be done in a jiffy (not literally 1/100th of a second), but nope.
    I like the pale pink, so soothing! And mixed media, u know i loves it!

  5. this creative process is giving me a red eye...literally, i have a tired red eye right now. but good to get encouraging words from you guys...i shall keep at it...

    Ting, anything for you!

    Uschi, Grace, thank you for not making me feel so slow and scattered. :].

    Lori, are you the same Lori who left a comment before? your website is beautiful! i am so looking forward to see more works that you'll be putting up.

  6. haha, you sound like me, just when I think I'll manage to have a quickly finished set, some reason comes up and it becomes another ongoing project among how many others...

  7. I love your work, they are all so beautiful!