Tuesday, July 3, 2007

planet red*

My shelftop of little things and the big red planet candle that i bought all the way from Denver.

*For your curiousity, Uschi. :).


  1. that's beautiful, this atmosphere of half-finished "sketches"..as you say..the shadow of white pieces. A creators mind-map,i like this shelf.
    And thank you!!!!I've got a place, that looks similiar!!!

  2. Thanks for your comment! You are an inspiration to me - i love your work and attitude. When pta/school stuff is over next week I will be trying to do some of my own posts!
    X c

  3. Wow, that is a cool candle! One of my favorite things to play with, but haven't played with in a while.

  4. Lovely space, lots of inspiration... and a pineapple! I like it!

  5. hello chuver dajo...vay told me you took the text message seriously..chuver chori about that.

    Anyway, went over to agu's house and slept over for two consecutive nights. chuver funny cuz theres this pack of cats that always stalk the house. Agu told me that they used to crap in the front lawn so agu put rocks there. And when we were eating in the basment they actually came and I saw them. They are acutally pretty cute cats. not your steriotypical strays.

  6. thank you everyone for your comments. you too, chuver one. cute to hear you think those cats are cute. did you just sat and watch them poop?

    Bridgette, Grace - the candle is pretty heavy, too. i lugged it all the way on the plane with me from Denver to New York. it was actually a display candle that has already been lit and half-hollowed inside but i liked it so much the way it is, i asked the guy to sell it to me.

    Uschi, that is how i see your shelf too! it's interesting to look at it and see the shapes/materials/colors that we are consistently drawn to.

    Cadiff Cat! good to see you here. :). thank you so much for such words of encouragement. i am very curious to see more of what you'll be posting on your blog!

    Sarah, you sure got a good eye. the dried scented pineapple is real and came all the way from Hawaii as a gift!

    p.s. Grace, what do you mean your "favorite things to play with"? like for decorations or using it for art stuff? OR do you mean something more romantic and kinky that i don't know of? mmm...

  7. Cool that u got him to sell it to you. How much did he sell it for?

    Lol, nothing kinky. I like to watch it melt, then remelt it after it hardens, and get it to run down the sides of the candle like it does.
    I did get a cool idea of something to do with it though! Once I do it, I'll put it on Flickr. Thanks again! Did u check out what I have on there so far?

  8. i think he sold it for half or a third of the price. i forgot. originally, it was like $30-50.

    hey i could see your flickr pictures now!! gonna go check them out now...

  9. I love your blog very much !
    Rini - the Netherlands