Wednesday, August 22, 2007

black wings

oil on wood panel, work in progress [detail]


  1. is it one of the pink ones turned black?

  2. oooooooh

    beautiful! can't wait to see the rest

  3. Really tired and needing to lie down but just opened your blog and saw your black wings-detail and now I have to write to you, right now. Very physical and emotional reaction to the image, first impression was of a wound (has a wing been torn out?), started heat coming over me, I'm in a sweat now, and strong feeling of pain, loss. You know how you can feel loss as physical pain too, first thing in the morning when you wake up and you're hit by the sudden knowledge/memory that somebody you loved has left or died. Something you could forget or not feel while being asleep. Could feel tears accumulating in my head.
    Also: Had a seiki-session on Wednesday during which I saw/experienced amazing things which are relevant to my present and overall personal unfolding, and the muted pinkishpurple-red colour you've partly used, where purple and red seem to overlap, played a big part. All kinds of red actually, but this too so it catapulted me back there.
    Now can't sit up anymore but will come back. Beautiful. In the way that somebody opening one's body and taking heart in their hand can be.

  4. thanks, Bridgette. will probably be awhile until i get to the rest though... :\.

    Grace, guess what? i have already started to use one of the papers you gave me. :).

    Anne-Laure- this is not one of the pink ones. it's actually this one here that was cut up from one of the black series panels.

    oh Marjojo...