Sunday, August 26, 2007

more dried things

Except for the dried orange peel and the papier mache bowls, these have all been collected this past spring and summer. Ironic, isn't it? since these dried fallen things are probably more often associated with autumn and winter. But there are things falling and dying all the time.

While waiting for the clayballs to dry last month, i had been shaving some tree branches picked up at the parks nearby. I am saving the wood shavings for making more papier mache things.

After the branches were shaved, they were cut into these little wooden pieces:

Look how they relate to my orange nipples painting [still work in progress]:

It was actually from the painting that i thought to cut them up so you could see the perfect dotted center.

I like salvaging these things that would have been just left to fade away. like the fact that even though they are essentially dead, they still exist and you can still see how beautiful they are.


  1. I like the first picture and the picture like it with all the dry stuff in the bowl.

    And btw, ding dong freaking defriended my on facebook. Seriously, tell her to freaking add me.

  2. oh brother, can't you go and find your own friends?
    hey, you wanna be friends with Grace? (sorry Grace, i always think of you when someone needs a friend... :).

  3. I love how your painting came first and then led to your seeing the similarities in the wood. It seems to go against how we often think about drawing, as though it is something that imitates real life, but forget how it can be more of a 2-way relationship.
    It's funny, I'm getting over chicken pox, and my spots are looking like your work now that the scabs are coming off and there is this circle with a darker centre.

  4. Beautiful! And also beautiful of you to take notice of these things.
    I like the nipplarities!
    Awww, haha no problem, I'll be your crazy cousin's friend.