Monday, August 27, 2007

one blue apple slice

Grace, look what i made with one of the blue papers you gave me. It's a slice of a blue apple.

Took all of Saturday evening to make even though the end result doesn't look like much. lots of layering of the torn paper. Want to make more but need to figure out a more efficient way to do it...i think i might be onto thank you for giving me more paper to play with!


  1. Mmmm, blue apple! I like it, and you're very mucho welcome me love!

  2. Dear Mien! Ever greedy for feedback/interaction/communication I trailed the messages that were left for me before and came across one that you’d left in July for my April-post about my friend Beatriz who died some years ago. You mentioned something you’d heard from a friend, that the loss of a close person doesn’t get easier with time, just the spaces between the painful points get wider and I think that’s true. You seem to be facing something much more recent/immediate at the moment, I don’t know what trip you came back from that left you reeling with pain, but I hope that maybe facing some of it with your black wings-painting is helping in the long run. The dried plant-bits and insects touch on it too, don’t they. Isn’t it amazing that sometimes with art we can relate to something, sense something about the artist’s feelings that directly connects with those vulnerable, hurting parts of oneself, and, maybe with something that is lived/experienced almost universally and over the ages and that we can never get used too.
    Regarding the image you found startling: I do find it startling myself and got into a bit of a state about posting it. Could only bear it because I’d offset it with the text about looking at sun with eyes closed. Had played around with crocheted red doily-thingemy that just didn't want to become anything, but when held over my face like that I felt something new was happening, something a bit more dangerous than I've managed so far with my crocheted work, something interesting, challenging, quite beautiful, slightly disturbing, slightly off. It's work in progress, there is something that I haven't got right with the image, maybe it's the pose, or that the hand is there too, although I find that intriguing as it's unclear if it's mine or somebody else's (it's mine). Well, I guess I'm feeling my way here, let's see where it takes me.
    PS. Like your slice of blue apple, it’s simplicity is lovely. Can’t wait to see what you’re on to.

  3. PPS. I found this quote in an old sketchbook of mine, from an old Observer, I think a review of Larry Burrow's (photographer) book 'Vietnam' by Geoff Dyer, something about 'Burrows' seared conviction that showing the wound is also a way of tending to it'.

  4. Sorry, Mien, must have gotten something muddled up. You wrote in your comment to ’Crimson’ that you’d been sleeping a lot after coming back from a trip, and in the midst of it that rawness was coming back to you – and I thought the two were linked. Probably I was more thinking about myself, saw stuff relating to death everywhere - had had news that day about somebody dying, a person who touched my life several years ago, just for an instant, but enough to be remembered with affection and now sadness too.
    Anyway. Glad to read about your thoughts about my work-in-process, esp. the last piece which is close to my heart too. I like it that your reaction was immediate, uncontrolled. Both of us seem to react to work on an almost visceral level - thinking can always set in later…
    PS. Response to your and anne-laure's comments are on my blog.

  5. hi Feltbug, hi Grace! :).

    Marjojo, i will keep that quote in mind...and sorry to hear about the news you got...nothing got muddled, just technical details not wanting the family to think i didn't enjoy my trip home. :].