Tuesday, September 4, 2007

one floating heart

paper on wire and clay, heart dimensions 12 x 15 cm


  1. I'm just experimenting with magnets to fix my jewellery on any part of the body: this beautiful "leavy" piece would expose very well on my shoulder ;)

  2. oOo, this is different, i like!

  3. I don't really like it. First of all its not shaped like a heart.

    I think I would be more cool if you called it "Floating Island" and stuck like little little clay figures and make a lil town or something.

  4. Uschi, i can't quite imagine what you're talking about but it sounds interesting! i love magnets. you'll have to show us on your blog! i've never thought of wearing jewelry right on the shoulder...

    hi Grace! :).

    Chuver one, finally, you are commenting more on the work i put up. hmmm...well, the floating heart is supposed to feel like a floating island. but i'm not sure about wanting to make little clay figures. i am thinking to make a little community of these floating things though. still in the working...