Friday, September 7, 2007

two jelly things

paper on wire & clay, distance in between: 6 cm

Was playing around with these the other day while taking their pictures. Originally, they were conceived to be jellyfish-like:

But i think i am liking them as they are without any specific identity to them...


  1. I find your work so clever! May I put a link to your blog on mine?

    Fellow artist,

  2. I find your art very interesting.
    Thank you for sharing your work with us!

  3. MMM, Jelly Doughnuts!
    He He, mmm, Powdered jelly donuts?

  4. Isn't it interesting how different they look depending on how you group them? And I understand the temptation to try to let things be something specific, to name them, it feels quite disconcerting not to do that, doesn't it, but also quite liberating. I like the top one best, a kind of tentative union, like a first kiss. Seeing this new work makes me think of the white paper/wire construction you showed a while ago, you thought about maybe making them into hat and then decided to let them breathe. Are they still breathing? I think our communication started around then and it's become so important to me - in a vibrant, joyful, supporting and challenging way (the best combination).
    Apropos Greek myths: I just finished The Universe, the Gods and Mortals by Jean-Pierre Vernant, he retold some of the major myths in beautiful and illuminating language.
    But the best, the very best in terms of poetry and being touched is Anne Carson's Fragments of Stesichoros, I feel strange even just thinking of it, it affects me so much. I liked the Autobiography of Red too, but just these short rhymes/fragments at the beginning, so simple, so condensed, so intense - they are unlike anything I've ever read.

  5. these are beautiful, also love what marjojo wrote above here.

  6. Oh Yeah.

    Remember you lent me your binoculars a long time ago? And they got loosened? Well, I dropped it by accident but when you asked me how it got that way I lied and said I didnt know. There.

    And while I'm at it, during the time when Shiao Ju held art classes for us I stole your sketching pencil- the red one- once right before class cuz I couldn't find mine.

    That's pretty much all I could think of at this point.

  7. just felt like telling you cuz i saw a binocular case on my desk and i thought of that

  8. lol, Chuver = your loco cousin, si?
    Thank you Chuver for the swiftness of the Duet card!

    I like your Jellyfish, Mieny. And I like how you wrap things in paper, that's different. I can imagine your fingers @ work.

    I went to the MoMA yesterday to see Richard Serra's work. It was pretty cool.

  9. hi everyone! @tone, thank you for stopping by. and Cally too! such a nice surprise.

    A.W., i was thinking they looked like powdered donuts too while i was taking the pictures! funny you see it too. :).

    Marjojo, my favorite is also the top image, too. it was kind of the final position/pose i came up with in the photo shoot, and it gave me a good feeling to settle on that for further development. funny you asked about the leaf hat because it had occurred not too longer ago how it is asking to be expanded! not sure how yet though.

    and the best part of Autobiography of REd is Fragments of Stesichoros for me too. i could read that over and over again and still get incredibly inspired by it.

    i will definitely check out that book by Vernant you mentioned.

    chuver: weird you feel you had to lie. what the heck was i going to do? sue you?

  10. still love these. . .
    still can't find a book, hey, idea popped in my head, do you want to try just sending little sculptures back and forth, adding to the collection as we go, responding to each other's bits and maybe adding to or changing them as we go. . . drawings, prints, can go into it as well I have a box we can start with. . . we'll call it a book.