Monday, October 1, 2007

happy birthday, Ba!


生日快樂 爸爸

記得要笑多一點, 不要嘴巴老是扁扁的 ☺


  1. Aw, this picture makes me want to cry.

    I miss ma and ba :(

  2. Dear Mien, what a happy looking ba! It's such a lovely photograph, him in full swing. Really wanted to be able to read the Chinese characters, do they say something about him? Got the hearts though. And I really like your mouth-creatures, they seem to be expressing all kinds of moods and one is even refusing to make a piep. They are funny and sweet and a tiny bit creepy too.

  3. hi Marjojo! :). right under the photo, it says: World's most adorable & greatest Dad (cheesy words but it is true in my world). Then, happy birthday to dad (with the hearts surrounding him) and a message to him to smile more and not frown so much (we often make fun of how he tends to pull his mouth into a flattened frown without realizing he's doing it, and then Ting would imitate him).

    awww...Ting. we miss you!!
    it was pretty cool how the three of us all happened to call home at the same time that night.

    p.s. to Marjojo - re: clay creatures, yes, they are expressing different moods. and also mainly, for me, they are about the voiceless, or trying to voice what is voiceless. well, that is how they came about as i was making them but unsure what they will become later when wrapped.

  4. Aww, that's such a cute pic!
    And a sweet message. I wish I could read it w/o translation.
    Have you seen "Lost in Translation?" I haven't yet, but heard it's good.

  5. hi Grace, yeah, i wish you could, too. Chinese is such a poetic language (not really what i wrote but in general) and i wish i was more fluent in it.

    i have seen Lost in Translation but was not too crazy about it.

  6. I am glad you feel like that about your dad! Sure he had a big smile on his face when he read your message. Does he read your blog?
    Looking forward to seeing your mouth-creatures changing when wrapped, although I do very much like them in their raw state and almost want them to be kept like that, in this beautiful earth-colour. Will they speak differently when covered? Some years ago I read this beautiful and sad book about Siberia, and one of the things that really touched me was the myth that in the freezing cold words would freeze and crystallise and fall to earth and in spring rise up again and be heard, unembodied.

  7. i don't think my dad reads my blog since it's not in Chinese. but i'm sure my mom will call him over to read this one. :).

    love that image you gave me from the myth of the words freezing and then rising again in spring...i wish i could capture something along that line in those clay creatures.