Friday, October 5, 2007

my little wire ladder

wire ladder
steel & copper wire, appx. 8-10 cm across,
work in progress/study sketch

So i've been slowly, very slowly working on this ladder for this June letters painting that is no longer about the June letters:

[detail, no June letters]

A few layers before this (that had been miserably wiped off, layers of orchres, reds, corals), it had these black letters on it:

june letters wip4

And right before that was this:

bluegray blank

So really, i have come back to a blank canvas again, just a few shades darker:

Well, not totally blank, as i do see an image of a ladder on it. Hopefully, it will take me somewhere to completion...

wire ladder detail

Coincidently, the last couple of days, i've been walking on these trail steps made out of wooden planks that look like little ladders. They are scattered around on various trails in the woods and for some reason, it gives me such a thrill to walk on them. That is a good sign, no? Painting is still so new and such a struggle for me, so i could use all the good signs out there for it.


  1. I love this pieces! To me, it signifies taking tentative steps forward, the way ahead is not always straight and narrow. Also love the remnants of the ladder on the canvas, it's beautiful!

  2. I like this ladder work, the fragility and yet it is so inviting. Your sculptural pieces always have me saying: yes:)

    Cathy www.novembermoon

  3. I want to see the wooden planks on the trails that u're speaking of!
    Maybe if we visit in Jan, it'll be warm, like it is today! My friend + his gf are @ the beach right now!

  4. Moving on, moving up! I love the ladder and I love your bravery to paint over what you had already laid down on the canvas!

  5. Love the wire-ladder, its crooked spidery lines as if drawn blindly or with pencil in wrong hand. Or like a very aged decayed foot-bridge across a wild river somewhere deep in a jungle. Intrigued by relationship to ever-evolving painting and the steps on the trail you walk along. I'm inspired by your courage to take on new medium of painting, will try to start drawing on papers bigger than two square inches. Hope to answer your comment on mine tomorrow. Thanks for it, warmed the cockles of my heart!

  6. You keep me thrilled with this theme of the June letters. This really is multi-layered art in not only a physical way...I'm still curious!!

  7. Just had another look at your little wire-ladder, it's lovely and craggly and I wonder what kind of tiny being could climb it. Immediately I think of climbing out of something to safety on a secretly hand-made ladder, a tiny troll-princess that has been locked in a tiny tower... Have been thinking for years about making a ladder from single hairs, but using artificial hair didn't seem right and I've got short hair myself. Should ask some long-haired friends to donate some of their hair, or maybe sneak up on them and pull really hard, all in the name of art.

  8. Crustation, tentative is so right! i am feeling very tentative about this and really not sure where it will go but somewhere it will has to go, right? right.

    Thanks, Cathy, for such lovely words. :). i say yes! to your dolls and letter birds, too!

    Grace, warm in Jan here? i wish. but who knows? we can still go if it's cold though since i hear people go cross-country skiing there, so come! we can see those plank steps covered in snow and make our footprints on them.

    Paula, it's really more frustration /resignation/destruction than bravery. but thanks for looking at it that way. ;).

    Uschi, i'm so happy for what you wrote. was actually wondering if this june letters progress report was getting too redundant and tiresome. good that it's not to you. :).

    Marjojo, your feedback always has me thinking. been more consciously pondering about that relationship you mentioned with the walking and making of the ladder...
    and i'm glad to hear you'll be drawing more. hope to see some on your blog! i still can't quite understand your fear of it. didn't you have to do it when you were in art school? and there was no privacy for it at all in the class, which would have made it even harder, no?
    tiny troll princess! ahaha. that sounds so cute. she must be pretty ugly but so ugly she is cute!
    and yanking people's hair! jajaja! (a new laugh i learned)
    so wow...a ladder made out of single hairs, how magical...

  9. am really in love with your ladder, I guess the fine lines attracted me, I also like the idea of walking or climbing (I had been collecting these bits of text from a book that was all excerpts of texts about walking, and I cut out these bits of texts word by word, gluing them in this book that I painted and drew in, but was never really happy with it, and it never got finished, because I didn't really have any imagery that connoted walking that I was happy about - I just realized it's kind of a parallel with your june text that you keep painting over!)
    Thanks for your comments, you totally made me laugh with the idea of dressing my boxes up for church! I think that whole space felt like it was dressed up, too clean and spotless.

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