Friday, October 12, 2007


[fruit series] drypoint & chine colle on arches printmaking paper, plate image size 8.3 x 7.1 cm, 1997


  1. Just when I get ready to leave a message about your vase and dried stalks you’ve already done another post!
    About that lovely little vase first: I wanted to take it into my hand immediately, it would fit into a palm perfectly, wouldn’t it, and I’d hold it and feel if it’s warm or cold, how it changes temperature while I’m holding it, feel it’s weight or lightness. It looks heavier than it is as it reminds me of a smooth pebble over which water has coursed for decades or even centuries, gorgeous. I esp. like that its surface has these dark burned spots and smudges.
    Read something this morning, which made me think of your vase immediately, strangely in a book about colours, that there was a time in China when pots were thought of as almost living things, as they’d come from the living earth, maybe housing djinns and in the best case even gods. And then there was something about talking jars (from the ringing sound they make when struck), which tickled my fancy. What would your little vase say if she (I think of it as she) could talk?
    Anyway, those stalks with the pellety things (are they seeds?) are just lovely. Autumn has its beauty, but it is certanly a challenge on grey days. Today the sun shone, finally, and I sat outside for a bit and felt happy.
    Now about that banana (it makes me realise I’m hungry), of which a bite has been taken (yummy). I like the movement, the dynamics, the arches of the peel hanging down, it seems clear that in a moment a hand will come and tug the peel off further. But there is also an element of lightness, that white paint on top, and a sense of the banana peel maybe turning into wings and the banana transforming into a flying being of some kind.
    Off to the kitchen…

  2. Sorry you're feeling out of sync with your work at the moment. Know the feeling, hate it, at its worst it can put my whole being into question, artist and human, but usually something good comes right after, something that maybe you're brooding over in the back of your head just now, currently out of reach. See it like a period of gestation.
    Still thinking of your little-voice-creatures, hope you haven't given up on them.

  3. thanks, Marjojo. i do believe good will come out of difficulty as long as one keeps going at it. besides, it is easier for me to hang onto things than giving up/letting go. and one problem is time and taking years to finish just one thing! *sigh*

    love that imagery you gave me of the banana peel turning into make me want to try to write about my work the way you do of yours but it still feels so daunting...

  4. i like! perhaps I'll have a banana today.