Monday, October 22, 2007

stuck stuck stuck

Drawing drawing the same old lines again.

But finally, i am breaking through my pen & paper sketching block. Made these two sketches yesterday of my paper wings.

The one below came first. Hated it. Went to do another one (above). Okay with that one but still could not stand this first one:

So i torn up the back side of it and the paper becomes a very thin single-ply sheet...

And look...look how the lines are bleeding through the back...

Today, on the trails, i got lost again and saw the most glorious yellows. I only had to look up and there i am taken to a world where it only matters to be alive and breathing. Felt so good, and so free.


  1. Hallo Mien, Am soooo tired today and barely able to do anything but thought I’d have a look here. Found you’re doing wings again and I’ve written a poem (if I dare call it that) over the last few days in which wings, folded wings, play a part, so we’re a little bit in sync again. Love the bled-through-wing-drawing, traces of something, something bleached out over time, something concealed and secretive and temporarily made visible, or maybe the imprint of something in the paper, like a fossil… And what is the French book you used for the b/w-drawing (like the density of the lines), I could see the word 'voyage' and was immediately delighted by its link to wings/to flying.
    If only we were able to be content with being alive and breathing. I’m currently lying awake at night troubled by all kinds of fears about the future, but you are right, and we can feel it in those special moments, breathing and light are the essence.

  2. Mien, you seem to have a good sense of negative space. This is a strength. You need to find a way to use it. See my post on "painting to your strengths". Jerry

  3. Hello dajo. Wasup. Just chuver bored. Going to canada tomrow with mom and jing-la's aunt. coming back saturday.

    I think you should give up art for a while. It would be cool to see what you decide to draw/sculpt after an extended break.

    You should get a dog to go with you on the nature trails. It would be safer.

  4. oh! i love how the lines bled through the back. thanks for sharing your journey of discovery.

    that's what i love about being out in nature. that feeling of just being alive and part of the whole cycle of life.

  5. ...and this is enough..and this is the breath and be there and be aware and what you did actively to the front-side of your you're on the backside / on the "impressed" side and it's good.
    Why is it called the "negative" space-it should be the receptive space. Why do you feel stuck? Because nothing "comes out"? That's normal ;)( me,too!!!!)

  6. That sounds so nice, the trail!

    I know how it is to dislike your own artwork, but I like both of your paper wings!!

  7. Hi Mien,

    I am primarily a painter that plays also with printmaking when I want to get back to drawing.

    I loved your "spoon" watercolor monoprint (from many many posts back) and had a question. You said that you painted on acetate, let it dry, and then ran it through the press with wet paper. My question is.... what did you use to paint on the acetate with? Most of what I have experimented with resists the acetate. Waterbased Oil paint seems to work the best but still can be troublesome.

    If you don't mind sharing... I would love to try it. Regardless, thank you for inspiring me today. I needed it.

  8. thank you thank you! I have ordered some of the water media acetate... I never knew. Sounds wonderful. I do some solar printing and I think it might solve some issues I'm having there as well.

    I appreciate the time and attention.


  9. These are so lovely - there is a real zen-like quality about your work that appeals to me greatly.

  10. Lovely drawings - really exquisite.

  11. Mien, I had no idea about whipup - thanks for letting me know. Will have a good look later.
    It's a grey day but I received some oldrose-pink, orange and pumpkin-coloured cotton yesterday and am drinking in its warmth. Just thinking about you - are you o.k.?

  12. thank you, everyone, for stopping by and commenting. did not really expect much feedback from these rough is giving me a boost to keep going at it (despite mr. chuver knucklehead's advice to give up. hmph.).

    Marjojo, i'm very curious about your poem with folded wings! come to think of it, maybe that is what my crying girl painting needs. some wings somewhere maybe. hmmm. been thinking on how to go about working on her again.
    the French book that the pages came from is actually an art book on various artists. the covers got damaged and the book was discarded. my supervisor at work went through it and found that the pages are still good and shared some with me to use for art. pretty nice to have someone cool like that at work.

    Chuver One, break or no break, i still come back to do the same thing over and over again until something else happens. but don't worry, i'll be okay.
    so how is your trip? did you guys have fun?
    funny you mentioned about getting a dog, just the night before you wrote that, i dreamt about getting /wanting one.

    Uschi, you are right, it should be called receptive space instead of negative space. :). i hope to be unstuck this weekend and floooow!

  13. Mien,

    I enjoy your posts and your discoveries. I like the way the paper has curled ass it may float away. How to capture that? Thank you also for your insightful words on my blog. Cathy

  14. Beautiful! Sometimes I find myself liking the back better than the front or even when I turn the work upside down. Can't wait to see the next!

  15. hello Mien, keep'll get there even if there is unknown. Sometimes things have to incubate a bit, and sometimes you have to be a bit destructive, but it definitely requires your attention. I love the back. I'm sending today or tomorrow, I waited and glad I did, found something else. . .

    I am off to take my own advice:)

  16. Middle of the night, can’t sleep, feel slightly delirious and got up to look at your singing whispering fluting clay-beings. As enchanted as ever and laughed out loud when I saw the one with clenched lips, it looked to me as if it had so much to say but was in a huff and refusing to and with a little tlc might be coaxed into speaking. There might be a few tears.
    And there is a song in these wings too, not only from the black mouth at their centre, but in their wide-open spreading movement. Hope you’re o.k.