Wednesday, October 10, 2007


So i've been out on the trails again today. It's so stupid that it took me four years to discovered these nature trails right on campus where i work. But i guess better late than never. I was lamenting how i wish i could have discovered them at least earlier this spring/summer instead of right now when winter is about to set in.

But today, having come across various beautiful dried things, i think this new autumn beginning on the trails is not so bad at all...(thanks to Marjojo and Catherine for their writing/commenting on the beauty of being outside at this time of the year. It prompted me to quit moping around the house and finally go out for a walk like i keep saying i would).

Found these dried stalks last week when i was on one of the trails. I love them little pellet things bunched up together like that to become leaves. a vase i made sometime in 2004, vase size appx. 5.7 x 9.7 cm


  1. Generally, I don't like 90% of your artwork but I actually like this lil pot thing. I would actually buy it or attempt to steal it from a store.

    I feel like touching the pot and touching some of the leaves.

  2. Hello, I saw your portrait shots on flickr and thought it would be good to come and read your words - wishing you many more happy discoveries:)

  3. Mieny, I like! Yes, better late than never about discovering the trails. I want to see/walk/dance on them, haha.
    I like the leaves and vase. They all look tiny and delicate (lovely), like the hands that lovingly cherish them.

  4. Those seed head/stalks are perfect for the vase! A nice momento of your discovery and to remind when the weather is good again to go back out on the trails.

  5. when I was a teenager, I had a friend which lived about an one-hour-walk away! This walk went along the railway and in autumn there were plenty of different dried seedheads along the way! I picked really BIG bunches of them...thoses beautiful natural browns and greys- and gave them to EVERYBODY- until I got stop-signs from all around ;). I still like them a lot, but -like you- more the single ones!

  6. chuver one, well, glad i hit the mark for you on this one. hmph. but the bottom of the vase actually is quite flawed with a very uneven glaze, so you may change your mind if you see it in person.
    p.s. very funny about the green tea. you are such a con. i told John and we both had a good laugh about it. ahhah.

    thanks, Cathy. i hope to find some good-sized logs next time. :).

    oh Grace, i do got delicate hands, don't i? ;). hey and we can take pictures of you dancing on the trails when you visit! you'll look so good against the snowy background.

    seedheads! that's what they're called, huh? i keep referring to them as pellets but thinking there must be a better name for them.

    so yes, Paula, i really should use them as a reminder. today i was slipping off again to dreariness/sleepiness with this sudden change of weather. so cold and grey here. but just went out for a short walk to get some ice cream so i am waking up now. :).

    Uschi - that's pretty funny how you gave them to everyone and they had to tell you to stop. i could so imagine it. so cute and endearing!

  7. Great tableau. And the little vase is really special.

  8. you are right, autumn can be a nice time to discover a place,to come home with little treasures of nature. your small vase is beautiful.

  9. Beautiful find, it looks lovely in your pebble pot - so organic!