Tuesday, December 4, 2007

happy birthday, May!

little May dressed in flowers
reading (?!!) on a bed of flowers

I love this picture of May. She looks so cute and sassy and smart, doesn't she? but i think the book is upside down or something. ;).

Happy happy birthday, MayWong. My world didn't really begin until you were born.


  1. Aww..she is adorable, happy birthday May!

  2. Awww, sweeeet. Happy Birthday, May, you sassy-smart gal you!

  3. sassy indeed.
    birthday wishes to all who are celebrating.

  4. Love that photo : it's adorable

  5. Love her posture, so relaxed and self-assured. Best wishes to the birthday-girl! Who is she to you, Mien?
    Thanks for your last message. Know that impulse for destruction when something doesn't seem right after all, but am wondering if you need to let book breathe for a bit.
    Sun is out today, yellow strings in place and out for a little walk in my garden where fallen leaves are making a molding mass as it's been raining and raining and raining. Will take some deep breaths. Hope the sun shines on you too!

  6. PS. Have you got your new printing-press?

  7. Great picture---cute feet!

    I'm tagging you with the "Seven Random Facts" list. Enjoy!


  8. yes, May so adorable. :). my fun funny sister, 5 years younger than me but has always been the more mature one somehow. the way she looked in the picture is how i often see her - so cute, and cool and confident. maymay!

    Marjojo, funny you asked about the press because i've been wondering when the heck it is going to arrive. so still waiting for it... :\. should be getting it sometime this month. that is one reason i am anxious to finish that book so i could move on to finishing some other works before starting new printmaking pieces. but you are probably right about letting the book breathe...i am almost getting kinda desperate about it (wanting to find another copy of the book so i could replace the ruined pages but no luck with that)...hmmm...

    it's been snowing here but not too grey with the sun out here and there. like looking at snow-covered branches and footsteps in the snow. :].

  9. Cute!
    I love how young people are sort of unaware, they move and sit and speak so freely. Would be lovely to stay like that.
    (Also, thanks for the encouraging comment on my blog. Always great to get feedback.)

  10. Hey Mien, It's snowing in New York! Remember the red girl that rolled in the snow and left pink traces? Have been searching your site for an e-mail address as I'd like to send you the short text, early Xmas-present if you like. Send me a mail.

  11. What a sweet shot of your sis! It must be killing you to NOT have that press yet! But, I guess they do have to make it after it gets ordered. I promise you, it is worth the wait!