Saturday, January 5, 2008

happy birthday, Grace!

I wish i could say i made these and sending them your way for your birthday...but lucky me, i got them first! :D. John and i both enjoyed them very much. Now there are only J and M gingerguys left with the lovely heart between them. aren't they too cute to eat?

And i just love the paper you used to write on. so pretty with the silver writing on it. and the little red pen too! if all this wasn't enough (and it's not even my birthday), look at the beautiful handmade scarf that Grace made for me...

It is so soft and cozy. Can you tell i am thinking sweet wonderful thoughts of you, Gracie? i am. hope you are enjoying your day with your love...


  1. Aww, sweeeet! So cool that u took pix & posted them here! :-D I'm really glad that you appreciate all of it, makes it all the more fun to share with ya. I knew you would! The scarf is so fitting for you, perfecto! (Machine or hand wash warm, hang to dry.) Also glad that you both like the cookies that u finally got to try!
    (Hey, someone else is using the same webpage host as u, i think. I'm @ work now.)

  2. yup. scarf very fitting and lovely on me, i must agree. :).