Wednesday, February 20, 2008

pomstars and moons

Went home for Chinese New Year's (2.07.08) and helped myself to all the pomelos my parents had in the house. They were so sweet and plump, i ate them all by myself very quickly. so so juicy and not bitter at all. I kept their skin to dry. love the colors.

That big one waiting to be eaten. It is roughly the size of a fat head, i think.

Here it has been devoured and drying quite nicely.

But the smaller ones that were dried earlier don't look too hot right now. Sadly, i had to throw away two other ones because they got rotted by mold from too much moisture on the inside. I tried to salvage what i had left by toasting them in the toaster oven for a quick fix. But i don't think i'll do that again. They look hurt and damaged.


  1. hahaha I think I've officially lost the title Orange Girl, though I am starting to crave some. Love these especially the one with a pink interior. . . like taffy. And love the way the skin of the dried one on the left is sort of tawny. Poor little burnt one though. . . Florida humidity is not very conducive to drying things, so I've thought about it a little bit. If you have a gas stove, you can leave the peels inside to dry, not on, just let the pilot light warm and dry them. if no gas then maybe burial in floral silica?
    If I get to go to the gourd festival I'm gonna try to go to the Orange Shop on the way and pick up a bag of the sweetest variety they have, all I have in the house right now is a bunch of grapefruit someone gave us.
    Alas the moon went into hiding just before totality, so I missed the best part. Argh.

  2. Hi Mien,
    so nice that you're back...and in good health after all these pomelos ;)))
    I love your experiments with the skin.
    Perhaps you could use the dried ones for prints??

  3. I love the way that you see beauty in everyday objects - even fruit skins! Beautiful.

  4. Erin, you'll always be THE Orange Girl to me. :). i am trying what you suggested - have some fresh new orange skin drying on the gas stove. i think it's working well since that is probably the dryest place in the apt. i wish spring would be here already. it had been snowing all day yesterday here. i'm so jealous you have a gourd festival to go to. take me take me. sorry you missed the total eclipse moment. i missed the whole thing!

    Uschi, i think i will use them for my prints in some way. but finding i need to approach the printmaking in a new/different way to go with what i am doing now, so it might be awhile before any prints come out. :\.

    Thanks, Shell. happy to see you here. :).

  5. Radiators and hot air grates are good for this, too. Pilot light idea is wonderful. Also, in summertime, or just warmish sunny days, car windshield-dashboard zone, and the rear window.

    Or just plain near/above a frequently-used stove. In fact, you can use the need to dry skins and whatnot as another fine excuse to cook more. Which is always a good thing.

  6. why you trying to take all the credit miss da jie??? i believe i had a little something to do with eating some of those well as perhaps damaging the nicely peeled skins for you. thank you. (bow) thank you. (bow)


  7. mmm, i want some pomelos w/u

  8. rCbC, thanks for the many drying suggestions. i did try the radiator and had to be careful not to leave it there too long. it's interesting how the different parts of the skin react to the slightest changes in temperature. even on the unused stove, i can't leave it there too long. drying these things has gotten me to eat more than cook more. ahahah. :D.

    speaking of eating, yes yes, Cat, sorry i forgot to give you some credit. i was thinking more when i got back to my place (i took all that was left around the house back with me). clueless John didn't care for any. but i dont' remember you damaging anything though. you are too funny. :).

    Grace! where you've been?? you know, right after i ate the giant pomelo, i remembered i was supposed to give you one the next time we got together. hmm. i knew there was something i'd forgotten. will triple make it up to you next time. missing you here! you forgot to leave a comment for me on my red book, btw. :].

  9. Interesting, what are you planning to do with them? love the mellow yellow.

  10. hi Babelfish, i am not sure yet. have been hanging, drying and cutting/sewing them. mainly, i am curious of how they transform on their own in the process of drying out.