Sunday, April 6, 2008

hang in there

Today, another horrible printing day. Could not get any of the chine colle pieces to work the way i wanted them to with the thread or the hair. I keep smelling sour dried orange peel under my nose. yuck. Not at all pleasant-smelling like the dried pomelo. Maybe that is why the day isn't going well. too many rotten peels around. bleh. j.k. nothing is rotting here. just in the process of drying and changing.

Ahead for this month:

*take time (!) working on the copper plates!!! no quick fix laziness.

*sketch out the works for the hair, bowls and fruits
(not necessary to mix everything together though)

*trails time :)!


  1. i love your photo--it reminds me of some old dry flower pods i took last week. And maybe you're on to something with the "aroma therapy" thing; maybe something in your soul is flinching by a small scent and throwing all the energy off a slight bit. ; )

  2. keep at it, gal! you will bust through this lean period....things will bust out! just keep going forward, no matter WHAT! oxxo

  3. I love the exploration that is happening with the citrus peels! Really fascinating! I thought I was the only one to take cut hair home with me. Lately, I've resisted. I like to put it in my garden plus I think it's feaky that someone just sweeps my DNA into the trash! Yeh, I'm a little strange!
    I know what you mean by getting restless to print. I have so many things to get through the next few months, but come this fall, I'm going to go into it full swing. It's hard to wait...

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  5. hey. gal: on your flickr you not have your monoprints up anymore? there is still RICHNESS and good visuals to share with my readers on my lbog when i write about you this week (this w/end has gotten away from me, i fear) but just wanted to check. you had some with embossed safety pins and balck and white, almost line drawings that were in print form. share, share! oxoxoxox wendy i wihsed you lived closer. would love to see you in action. your work blows me away! xoxoxo

  6. ps. i was freaking out with my typing. forgive the typos! i'll be more careful....sigh! things on my mind and my fingers don't type as fast as my brain soars, i guess! (o;

  7. one more thing and i will leave you alone. teehee....what kind of camera do you use. the lighting is always

  8. Hey, you. Thanks for the comment. If you want a Snow White then just email me a postal address and its yours!
    I love what you're doing these days. Get working!! WE WANT MORE.

  9. This looks like a cool lamp shade! Organic. And would prob'ly give off a good scent! mmm