Sunday, February 14, 2010


some ups and downs. spending vday and lunar new year alone right now. the studio feels empty and abandoned. tomorrow we will go home and be with family. i'll start again and see where this takes me...


  1. Hello Stranger!! Sorry to hear things have been a bit 'up and down' for you :-(

    I really like the little glimpse of work you have given us here!!!

  2. Oh, I know these feelings so well! But I find having a creative outlet always helps the rougher times be better :)

    Hope you are feeling better, I have been wondering where you are.

    And of course, love these items you have featured here!


  3. Mieny! R u still around? What's up?

  4. Love the colours in your little felted pots (sorry if they are not pots!) I hope you find your way and that you are not alone for too long.

  5. Love the felted objects next to those scary, spiky branches. I esp. like the tiny pieces, soft, warm, woolly round bits versus the one with the spike growing from it. Want to pick them up, feel them. And the larger ones like winter-pods, empty, but you feel something was in there, grew in there once. Lovely work as ever, emotive, fragile, on the brink. Very much missed coming here, dear Mien.

  6. Hello. I'm an admirer. I'm working on a project that absolutely NEEDS the type of thorns you have pictured here. I have tried bougainvillea and various other thorns, but none really work for what I envision. But your thorns would be perfect! Is there any source for these, or do you know of any way I can procure some? Thanks in advance for your help!
    -Ketra (