Wednesday, March 3, 2010

i like my bad haircut

acrylic and pencil in sketchbook, 10" x 7.5"

John tells me to stop cutting my own hair. Is it really that bad? looks pretty cute to me. I think i am a pro. it's just a little strange that except for one other person, nobody else seemed to have noticed. hmm.

So anyways, the other day, it occurred to me that i could be whatever i wanted to be. like if i wanted to be a doctor, i can go ahead and really do it. It's all just a matter of time and training. I don't know why it was such a revelation but i seriously believed it like i never knew before.

Lately, i've been approaching every little task with the Chinese proverb of moving mountains, one stone at a time in mind. The dishes, the scattered tools, the laundry, tiny bits of styrofoam - picking them all up nice and easy. Not sure where all this is going.

Studio update: a big mess, a drawing here and there, torn prints everywhere, crocheting more bowls to be felted, thorns waiting, spoons cold and neglected...


  1. Your philosophy is a good one of moving mountains, one stone at a time - I try to use it when everything seems too much and is a mess!

  2. Yes, moving one stone at a time. Climbing to the top of the world, to places to pray, to meet the clouds. Faith can carry us to unexpected places.

  3. like the colors a lot.

    when i see women sometimes i ask, who cut your hair. because i would like my hair cut by their hair person. .... often they say to me, oh, i cut it.
    its not so unusual.


    how are you...
    yes in ten years ... where what will you have done been become let go of: everyday we are flowing on and on. sometimes we don't notice the insights we make because unlike objects in the world, they don't always shine from the shelf like one of your spoons, feeding us drips and sips of remembering the process of "getting (t)here" ... but that is as it should be, no?

    ice cream! :)

  4. i like your zen attitude. i like the moving mountain idea. i love one stone at a time.......i love your work. i love you painted page. maybe i would love your haircut, too? xoxox i cut mine, too! oxoxox

    loved hearing from you.....makes my day, gal!

  5. i love your work and your thoughtful self-effacing posts (writings) often resonate.
    i wanted to let you know that i've posted some of your work-two different posts-on my blog.
    i hope you don't mind my using some of the images-linking of course...if so please let me know and i'll remove immediately...still learning etiquette when it comes to someone's own work/photographs.
    all best,

  6. Overcoming the overwhelm, that's the tricky bit.

    And relaxing into the realization that we really do not have much in the line of limits, short of time. And even that's debatable.

    As always, a lot of good going on underneath that hood of yours. No matter how it's coiffed. And that, of course, is part of it.

  7. Hey. Thanks for all your lovely comments. It's great to read you, to connect through this pixel landscape. I hope you're still snipping at your locks. Be well. Susanna

  8. Free fallin'

    Love the painting.

  9. oh,
    happy that i came across your blog!
    wonderful work!
    i really love it!
    it feels warm and pure.

  10. Mien, I like the sentiment, and the drawing, it speaks of new beginnings too... You can be anything you want, yes, but you're already soooo much too!
    Have just tried to scale things down too, surrounded by books I can't read, ideas buzzing in head for artwork I can't make, so many things I want to do, so hungry. Chose one book, two artworks (one in each room) and focus! The hunger doesn't go away, but frustration is kept in check.
    I bet you do look cute!

  11. Just read your comment Marjojo. I can see why 'one stone at a time and ' lying farrow' are pertinent to you at the moment. It's finding that balance that is hard, as the hunger is also what drive us on, what the French call ' l'élan vitale'.

  12. Mien...I don't have your mail adress.
    So here is some spoken language:

    which to me sounds like a long soothing sound and to you probably will be lots of different sounds with a meaning...


    I always cut my own doesn't matter, it's all curly....

    Concerning the fact that you can be whatever you want: I believe, the one thing that matters is your interest and the spark which enlights enthusiasm...and there you go...moving the mountain....


  13. Hello Redredday,

    So where is my book? This is such a timely question. A collection of my writings is in my head, my heart, on my computer and currently being read by a selection of agents and editors. So, wish it well, the book is coming!
    Your comment caught my breath, made me believe.

  14. I feel better already - one stone at a time!! thank you

  15. Thanks for a lovely post. I needed to read this today!!