Friday, July 16, 2010


wrapped eggshells

above: my two favorites so far

I am so enjoying wrapping these. I think the pictures do not do them justice. You have to hold them in your hands and see. I showed one of two attached together to May and she just said they look like balls. John didn't get how awesome they are either. oh well. i appreciate you, dear eggyeggs.

These past couple of months had been really slow in studio. blah blah days. Some heartache here and there too but nothing a good heart-to-heart cry can't soothe. Oh and i am learning to garden! A day out in the yard with my parents beats all the horticulture lectures i was taking. So happy to see that the tomato plants my dad brought over are thriving. They were so wilty-looking when i first planted them. I didn't think they were going to make it but next day i checked they perked up like the sunshine :).

Not too long ago, i dreamt of K again. It was so good to see him, even if it is just in dreams.

My worktable right now is scattered with broken halves and pieces of eggshells. i sure eat a lot of eggs. I'm so excited. So many possibilities to make them whole again! Finally, ideas are brimming...


  1. These are just lovely, Mien. I love the delicacy and fragility of them.

  2. Mien
    Its so lovely to see you are back well to me that is. I missed your writings on your blog about what you are doing and thinking and MAKING. You are a very interesting artist and I don't like to hear you rubbishing yourself your efforts. So keep on doing YOUR OWN thing - that's what makes you special.
    Best wishes


  3. How interesting! I am working with egg shells now too - but in a very different way. I love these eggs you are wrapping. I won't be showing my egg shell art until the first of the month.

  4. I love the simplicity of your work Mien - great to see you back again - happy egg wrapping!

  5. OH Mien, not everyone can get the awesomeness of wrapped eggshells, yes dear, i love them too, and ur PLANTS!!!! i'm so HAPPY for them, tomatoes are the best, they grow like vines (and on them indeed:D ) and they're so tasty fresh from the garden, and if zombies attack u, they can help u by spitting their seeds and ...(don't ask)

  6. it's so amazing and beautiful to see this, Mien.
    It's the carriers and keepers we often pay not much attention to. We always want to see, what's inside...

    I love them, too.
    ...for their whiteness
    ...for their fragility
    ...for the carefulness you need to handle them.

    b.t.w: did you know, that avocado-skin, cooked in water will dye fabric or paper in a soft pinkish tone....

  7. There aren't really words for how much I love them. Fragility, healing, scarred, but better for it. They are broken out of their uniformity.

    I think I am touched by them so strongly because I am feeling a bit like them right now. A bit broken but healing. Changed for it but strong.

    I almost always buy brown eggs for some reason, but when I can find the green ones I go for them. I like the whiteness of these very much though.

    Have you ever peeled out the inner egg skin and drawn on the inside of the shell?

    I'm sorry I never sent that package to you. I got distracted . . .

  8. These are absolutely beautiful. They must be almost weightless too. Lovely

  9. always a pleasure to see your work. and that's exactly how i've been feeling lately, too. xoxo

  10. u know it occurred to me, i almost thank they need clothing, u know? like little colored undies, boxers, etc, a coat made out of orange peels, etc...

  11. so delicate you
    "have to hold them in your hands to see"


    ps. you mentioned Carson's Autobiography of Red on my blog once, and i just had opportunity to get it, and another of hers; love them. thanks.

    hope u well in this heat.


  12. Awesome, Mieny! I'm glad ur back in the studio!

    Omg, the orange peel coat and undies idea is so good, aw! Incorporating your different pieces together would add to the awesomeness of their already individual awesomeness!

    Gr8 tip about avocado skin, Uschi. Thank you for sharing, I gotta try it now!

  13. They are lovely delicate !
    I was going through your blog and I like it very very much !
    So I added you to my "Nice blogs",I hope it's ok ?

  14. These are so utterly Mien! Fragile, delicate, casting subtle spells. Something else I would love to hold in the palm of my hand (I visited Kruse earlier). Funny you should call your post 'unbroken' when clearly most of these shells have been shattered. What you restored is the eggness of eggs, empty or not. Because of the new, papery skin it's as if you were protecting something, as if they were still/again inhabited. The one with the little round dip is so lovely, I feel it might whisper.
    I'm delighted to see that you're brimming with ideas! And I've got two pots with tomatoes in my garden too, the only plants I water regularly. Don't you love the little hairs on the stems? And those tiny balls of green that push out of the flowers, under a five-pronged skirt?

  15. Dear Mien,

    I always think of eggs as containing secrets. Delicate and white, shells to be broken and rebound.
    Thank-you for all your lovely comments on my blog. They make my heart full and my face smile. May and June, a story in itself,
    Be well and keep making your beauty,


  16. these are beautiful and I love what eggs symbloise . . .


  17. Eggshells own my kitchen windowsill here, from the start. I love what you find to wrap.

  18. GENIAL!!!
    I'm in love with your artwork!
    Hugs from Spain

  19. They are beautiful!!I found you through Flickr- happy to be here-

  20. where are you, gal!?
    miss your posts! miss your wonderous art....
    hope you are well.....

  21. ikatz...and i found you through annamaria.
    so glad that i came here. i'm deeply impressed by your art work, adore especially the paintings/drawings and the lovely little underwear.

  22. ups, sorri for the ikatz, don't know what that means.

  23. I do love the organic...female...
    I enjoy your blog as well...a nice treasure trove.