Tuesday, May 15, 2007

big brother blue

<--This guy here is the tall one in the blue installation:

It is steel rod, wire and twigs wrapped together in duct tape, standing at 8 ft tall. The shorter guys are just twigs and tree branches wrapped in the same blue and black duct tape.

By itself, it is a sculptural object but in the blue installation, it is to be viewed more as part of a painting than a sculptural piece.

A close-up of the blue "paint" over black:


  1. Kewl again about not knowing how big the pieces are until told. What are the other pieces of the blue installation?? I'm curious to see.

  2. huh? the "other pieces" are all those shorter twigs in it. i must not have been clear. i guess i called it an installation because each time the twigs are put up against the wall, it's bound to be slightly different.

    interesting you mentioned the size because i forget that you can't tell from the pictures. i should have a little person or an apple by it for reference or something.

  3. This is fantastic. My first time here at your blog. I love it.

  4. hi Jan! thanks for stopping by! it's like i have a new friend today. :).

  5. Oh okay, I get it now about the installation. Yea, the size thing is pretty kewl though, us not knowing until u tell us, cuz each of us probably imagine it sized differently, ne?
    Yay, a new friend! Hi Jan.

  6. Your installation looks fantastic, i love the duct tape. So glad to find your blog!