Friday, May 25, 2007

skin/flesh (detail)

A glob of caulk applied on the surface of the wood
and then painted over.

Below is the back of the same spot:

-detail above-

-detail below-

The two images above are painted on one single wood board (the front and the back of it), 36" x 11.25"

String coated with some caulk and then painted over.

Below is the back detail of the above spot:


  1. Wow Mien, I really like the front and the back for these, it's really interesting, the whole texture, I was amused by; I forgot that there's an inside and outside to your skin, and this is that which is on the opposite sides. it seems very bold.
    a bit of juicy exploration, it reminds me some, to be cheesy, of Kahlo's work, in a strange way, u know?

  2. It looks like a ladybug walking by a scab. It actually kinda grosses me out how real it looks. But that's kewl that it can get such a strong reaction just with wood, paint, string, etc.

  3. Kahlo's work? interesting...but how?
    btw, a.w., i like what you said about the paint properties being similar to the skin (liquid, oil and pigment). that is rather true.

    Grace...mmm...i don't see the ladybug walking by...the bubble thing at the top is the ladybug? but ladybugs are cute...

  4. wonderful - fleshy and visceral yet restrained and delicate. love it.