Tuesday, May 8, 2007

what to do with these

papier mache bowls

<--little papier mache bowl with a hole hanging on the wall

- see it hang with other objects -


  1. Mieny! I really like the bowls! What DO you use them for, besides admire their beauty? (I tried to italisize the DO, but i dunno how...) I wanna learn to make papier mache bowls with ya!

  2. haha. for italicizing, you use the "< i >" before the word and then close it with "< / i >" (without the spaces in between).
    the bowls...i shouldn't even call them bowls because i have only been using a couple to hold torn pieces of paper. the others...still waiting for something to be done with them...
    i have a really big one i want to make, so i will post the process of making it sometime this month or next. come visit me!

  3. oOo, thank u for the HTML tag lesson

    Yes, I wanna visit and make art!