Friday, June 1, 2007


oil on masonite board, 43.5" x 47.5"

Recently took this out of storage to rework it. The way the arm is cut off was a cop out and i knew it even though i had rationalized that the intention is to have that severe cut-off effect all around the subject. I think i may need to physically cut it up or put some clothes on the girl.

[old Chinese characters referring to good fortune, luck, etc.]


  1. i like!
    what was ur inspiration for the subject?
    I reeeally like the red, and the girl looks real!

  2. thanks, Grace. i hate to admit this...but the 'inspiration' came from a need to prove and show that i could paint realisticly. it started as an exercise based on a photograph (painting just the face)'s actually a baby picture of someone you met at my house...can you guess who?

  3. and you proved that u can paint realistically! umm, is the baby picture of John? :D

    We got a new dresser (@ ~10pm last night, haha) but soon the photo clip base you sent to me will hold photos on there. Thank you Mieny!

  4. ha! it's a girl!!! stupid Grace. j.k. ;). so no, it aint John.

    dresser @ 10pm? you guys do weird stuff. can't wait to see picture (even though i've been waiting and waiting endlessly... ;).

  5. lol! u made me laugh here @ work. Hey, I thought u might throw me a curveball and say u drew John's baby picture face onto a girl's body. Is it baby Mieny then?

    lol... I know, I've gotta make time to put pix up on the comp to send out to ya. Soon Mieny, have patience, lol. jk

  6. wrong agaaaain! it's one of May's friends who is also my good buddy now. i got no baby pictures, unfortunately or fortunately (my parents said i was fat and ugly. j.k. they didn't say it like that but i saw some toddler pictures and i didn't look too hot).

    hey speaking of which, could you add some baby pictures to the ones that someday one special day you'll show me? :).