Monday, June 11, 2007

cut me something beautiful

dried gourd with the top cut off, wrapped in Japanese mulberry paper, with cotton thread hanging at the ceiling, 1.5" x 2.5" [work in progress]

This was the first (and only, so far) cut i made on one of the dried gourds. After sort of nourturing them for a couple of years (drying, cleaning, drying, painting, scratching and wrapping them), it wasn't too easy to take the knife and decide to cut into one of them. They have become rather precious in a way one is drawn towards salvaging something fragile that has been abandoned and almost forgotten. But you gotta cut your hair sometimes. And the new cut isn't looking too bad so far, right?

On a *separate* note, can i just share how giddy with joy i was to find that Diana Fayt from One Black Bird has stopped by here? Totally unexpected and immediately felt a rush like having a secret crush on someone.

I stumbled upon One Black Bird late last year and was crazy about how Diana incorporated printmaking techniques into her ceramic work. And the best thing is that the whole blog is devoted to sharing the process of her art-making. Every post has at least one picture of something related to her studio and art. All really well-composed pictures, too. And her writing takes you close and delicately into her world of things lovely, and times struggled and conquered.

(It is also where i got the idea to have a blog rather than a portfolio website. Thank you, Diana.)


  1. you're work is beautiful. Whenever I see your art work, whether it's 2d or 3d I feel a stillness that really speaks to me.

    I *love*Diana Fayt's work too. I would have felt the same way! :)

  2. Very nice Mieny! And I like the haircut metaphor.

    How did u get the thread through to hang on without tearing the paper?? Is it just hanging on to the paper or is it through the gourd itself as well? At first I thought the gourd was a paper bowl. (Maybe a new paper bowl idea for you? Or maybe cuz I'm responding to your email @ the same time. ^_~)

    That's kewl that Diana visited your site! Does it make u feel even more like a true artiste?

  3. this is most definitely something beautiful!

    ...and thank you mien, i am most humbled and honored.

    keep making and sharing your beautiful work with us. i can't wait to see more!

    hugs, df

  4. Bridgette, so cool that you stopped by here too! i share a similar feeling towards your paintings, too. been going through your work since i found your blog. i can't get over how quickly you make each painting! and really good with the encaustics, too. that is something i've been wanting to learn but it just seems really complicated to set up.

    Grace, the thread is through the gourd and then wrapped with more paper to cover the area where the thread goes through.

    Don't think anyone could make you feel like a 'true artiste' but One Black Bird sure could make my day!!! hi Diana!! :).

  5. i like it! i wanna put fruit in it. you know i found mangosteen (mang- cuk) in the other day! a whole bag for $3.99. except it wasn't nearly as tasty as i remember. how disappointed i was.

  6. I like the cut one very much. I had no idea how long the process was to get the gourds ready. I've been thinking lately about how sometimes you have to risk losing something good to find something even better (like covering over parts of a painting that I love but that don't work with the whole piece, or cutting up your gourd). Sometimes afterwards I think I made the wrong choice, but then in the end it seems like what you gave up comes back to you somehow, often better too. (I also find that I don't learn life lessons very well unless I learn them through making stuff)
    thanks for the comments you left me - it's extra nice when someone whose work you really like likes your work too

  7. May, you'll only be able to put like 5 little grapes in there.
    cool deal on the mangosteen. how i would want a really good one now...mmmm. they are so pretty too when cut open.

    Anne-Laure, you're so cool. so true what you say! would love to hear you talk more about those life lessons you learned through making stufff...

  8. I like that life lesson so much that I'm going to email it to my friend right now about her relationship w/her man. Thank you, Anne-Laure!

  9. Hi :D
    Your work is amazing!