Saturday, June 16, 2007

grape stem

woodcut and chine collé on grey BFK printmaking paper (woodcut image size is 8" x 5" on 20.5" x 14" BFK printmaking paper; shown above is not all of the grey BFK paper)

The image of the woodcut was first hand-printed onto the cream color Japanese mulberry paper, which is like thin tissue paper. Then methylcellulose adhesive was applied to the back of the mulberry paper so that it would be glued down onto the heavier BFK paper when running it through the etching press.


  1. this seems like a memory of something, a pressed image which distorts and abstracts. love how the grain of the wood seems so vulnerable.

    this image immediately reminded me of a print a friend made by running an inked plate with a little waterplant on top through the press. When the paper was lifted the the image was that of a halo of the plant.