Monday, June 4, 2007

letters for june

Yesterday i came up with a very good use of a door i found. I used the backing board of it to cut out some letters to use for one of the black series paintings i've been working on.

There is this line i really like from some poem mentioned in one of Anne Carson's books. It has the words JUNE and BUTTERFLIES in it. I've been trying to paint the text onto the painting but kept messing up. Now i can just cut out the letters and paint them individually as sloppily as i want, and then glue/nail them onto the painting. I hope it works...

<-Current state of the door found in the dumpster area outside my apt->

It's from the apt across from me, and apparently, my recent ex-neighbor had punched a hole in it. He was a very angry person at times.

There was stuff moving around inside the hollowness of the door when we picked it up. I thought it was some secret hidden treasure, like some family jewels or something. John thought it might be drugs.

Well, it turned out it was just some pieces of wood that came loose inside, probably when the angry neighbor dude punched it.

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