Wednesday, June 20, 2007

one paper leaf dropping

paper on copper wire [work in progress, a sketch]

leaf dropping (the loop with the text) is about 4" x 3" in diameter

Note to self: See this as a 3-D sketch, a sketch made by touch rather than by a pen or a brush as what you were so stupidly stuck on...


  1.'s time to say hello! I've been watching what you're doing for a while now and I like it a lot!
    And this piece is stunning!
    Have a great day!

  2. I like the piece and the 3-D sketch idea! Seeing all your work makes me want to c ur studio even more!

  3. very delicate and beautiful
    do you have sore fingers now?
    i always prick myself with the wire, mostly just under my nails - ouch, but it's always worth it to have little papery wire wonders.

    i loved your safetypin print.

  4. hi Uschi! i've also been checking your blog and your paper creations are so delightful! i especially love looking at them close-up in the large images you posted up. such delicate touch to your work.

    dear Grace, my 'studio' isn't much. people who have seen it are just surprised i'm able to packed so much stuff into one room (my living room) and they seemed most concerned about how i will move everything out when i have to move.

    ouch Cally! funny you mentioned under the nails because while i don't really get sore fingers from pricking myself, i do use the wire to clean out some left-over paint (from who knows when) under my fingernails. a side distraction there but finally, clean nails! :).

  5. Hi. I love your paper and wire sketches! I'm inspired to try something like it myself.

  6. thanks Lori. :). i would love to see what you make. are you on Flickr or somewhere?