Sunday, June 17, 2007

pink skies

oil, string & mixed media on Masonite board, 16.6" x 20" [work in progress]

When i was little (around 10 or younger?), i remembered one time noticing how red the sky was turning as the sun was going down. I was outside walking with my dad at the time. All around us, there was this sudden pink glow everwhere. I loved it.

For some reason, i started skipping to this rhyme in Chinese without really knowing what i was saying. In translation, it goes something like this: Red red sky, the elderly is going to freeze and die.

As soon as i said that, my dad scolded at me and told me not to say that again. I was a little taken back because my dad, in all his gentle ways, hardly ever snaps at any one of us. I stopped to think why and immediately thought of my grandmother sick in bed all the time.

It was then that i understood how important my grandmother was to my dad even though he never expressed it. I started to see my dad in a new light, knowing that a lot of what is unspoken runs deep within him.

It is like what my mom says: If you want to see how much the man loves you, just look at his actions, not any lovey dovey words that he doesn't say.

Happy Father's Day, BA!


  1. Aww, that's touching. Cool of you to share that.

  2. this pink makes me happy. i want a mini one!

  3. That's beautiful dear, and so true, mother is wise:)Happy Papa's Day:)

  4. thanks, guys. :).

    MayMay, you just gave me a terrific idea. i shall make some mini ones, and one for you, too.