Friday, June 22, 2007


paper on wire, about 5" across [work in progress]

Another 'sketch' i made (two years ago?)...more on these 'sketches' later...

It's been hanging out in this little vase i made (2.75" x 2.5"):

...maybe to be used for a still-life painting.


  1. nice, especially in the vase

    I can picture it with vibrant colors.. a different one in every shape that the lines in the paper create

  2. yes! i am thinking to add some colored thread with these paper things somewhere...hmmm...

  3. nice thread idea! did i tell u that i love mixed media?

  4. yes, Gracie loves mixed media. got it.

    are you working on some mixed media project or something right now?

  5. Mmm, not really working on a mixed media project. (Gosh, I must finish the banner that I started years ago! It's all fabric + sewing though, no other material, @ least not yet. Maybe I'll add some bamboo sticks around it. Ooh, nice idea! And only thought of it since u asked me.)

  6. banner for the kung fu teacher? or something for yourself? where would you get bamboo sticks? i want to see the banner. yesss, i wait for the pictures...