Friday, July 13, 2007


I made these clayballs right before my parents came to visit earlier this week. They will be used for more wrapping sketches. The clayballs, not my parents.

My parents are my heroes. I wish i had not forgotten to take pictures of them while they were here. Especially of my smiley mom with all her crazy blanket purchases filling the whole bedroom, and of my dad showing me how to make the bittermelon egg dish. yummmy. We were all so caught up in the moment of shopping and eating and cooking together. Best is that they are becoming younger in spirit and i wanted to capture that.

I miss them already and they are right that we should all live closer together. They drove 5 hours south to see May and then 5 hours north to see me. Parents really should not have to work that hard just to get to see their kids. And Ting is half way across the country whom they kept mentioning as we sat around eating and talking.

This is the first time my parents came to visit me since i moved here with John. I was eager to show off our place, my scattered works and things, but i think they feel sorry that i am not living in a nicer place, having more fancier things.

But i already have so much that i am happy with that i am more afraid of losing what i have than thinking about having more.


  1. For a second there, I got really worried because you haven't responded to my emails and I tried to call you but you haven't picked up!! Thank goodness for this blog.

    updates: I'm going home monday. I hope you didn't tell the parents because I want to surprise them. I haven't picked up their calls and I know they're getting a little pissed but that's okay because I'll be home in a matter of days!

    Things are much better now. I hope to stop giving you such brief updates--expect an email soon.

    I love your clay balls--did I tell you? I want to take another ceramics class here (handbuilding, I don't really like wheelthrowing), and guess who will be the recipient of all my masterpieces? That's right! They better be featured on this blog :)

    Lastly, I love you!

  2. You're so humble, Mieny. ^_^
    I know what you mean about being in the moment n forgetting to take pix. I take lotsa pix, though, and try to remember.
    Aww, your family's so loving. It's inspiring. <3
    I too love Mieny!

  3. I chuver agree. I actually thought about it and got chuver bit angry. Awhile back I told Agu that if anyone else wants to move they have to run it by me first.

    I don't know what kind of crap you guys are trying to pull- Urjo in Maryland, you in Binghampton and Ding Dong in freaking Minnesota.

  4. I am sure your parents are very proud of you and your work. (I am, and I am not even your parents ')

    Wherever you are is a home ... I am sure you home is a wonderful, inspirational place.

  5. Ah Mien, it sounds like you had a fabulous time, Yaaayyyy.

    I was going to ask u how long after u had begun wrapping them that u decided to use the clay balls instead, but then after reading the rest of your entry, I found that u probably never had time to start wrapping them at all...what with all the cooking and eating and talking and...

  6. guys make me feel so good and lucky... *hugs*

    Anonymous not really, yes, i shall showcase your masterpieces. :).

    A.W., i did not know what the heck you were talking about until i read it again. ahhaha. your mind so wacky. yes, had no time to wrap them up and also who would do the cooking?? ;).

    Chuver little grandpa, thanks for telling everyone where we all are.
    did you pig out at the buffet today?

  7. Chuver did not. I didnt go cuz Im taking a summer course- calculus. Anyway, my mom, dad and baby went with them. Then they all came over and my god....I haven't seen our parents so jolly and happy since forever. One of the their lady friends from austrailia cracked a joke and my mom laughed like crazy. She said it in deju not sure what she said.

    ok chuver goodbye! come home soon dajo.

  8. thanks for the little reminder to savour the time spent with parents. it was easier for me to do when I lived across the country, but now that I'm close, I forget.

  9. the clay forms are great and you have a real hand for archaic, primordial shapes!!