Saturday, August 11, 2007

colors of june & august

more on this later... (if i get anywhere with it)


  1. Love your work! Do you have your own press? I'm a multiple media artist, but printmaking is one of my big loves...

  2. Hmm - I'm intrigued! I can't wait to see what happens.....

  3. Hey, are you preparing to lay out a story? Thanks for your message, as ever received with beating heart. Wondering how you're getting on with those strokes of black - some artmaking can feel so dangerous to the self, can't it? Makes me think I should find the courage to draw ON PAPER, there is something that hinders me, something in myself I'm sure. At the moment at most I draw on tiny scraps of paper, the more battered the better, sketches for work, ideas. As soon as I take a pristine piece of paper I get scared. So, when I finish this message I'll get pen and paper and try...
    Geryon is here too, he hovers behind me, six wings aflutter. I've been dreaming about red things and have been trying to write about a red girl who leaves pink traces when rolling in the snow. There's so much red in my flat, people keep remarking on it, but I draw energy from it, need a bit of fire what with that overtired body of mine. Red is now. Red is life. Red is want want want.

  4. hi Paula and Di, thank you for stopping by! always so nice to have new visitors and know of more art blogs to check out.

    oh Marjojo, so much i want to respond back! your words are making me crazy for red all over again. love love the image of the red girl rolling on the snow. more on your blog later...!