Monday, September 10, 2007

glued & tagged

pen sketch on white paper scrap, placed on discarded book page, scrap size 15 x 4.5 cm

Okay, it is time to follow up on some tags and awards.

Awhile ago in May, Jade at Spectrescope tagged me, where you're supposed to name 7 random things about yourself, and then tag 7 more people. I just started my blog then so i was tremendously pleased to be mentioned, and by an artist whose work i so was/am crazy for, too. It was there that i broke out and left my very first comment.

Then Uschi at Papierwelt also tagged me. This time, with a list of questions to answer. Again, i was quite delighted, particularly because i am just very fond of Uschi. We never met but right away, i can sense her kindness and thoughfulness, the kind of person you can probably count on for just about anything. That's true, right, Uschi? :).

Not too long ago, i received the Rockin' Girl Blogger from Bridgette at Contemplating the Moon, which is just really sweet because she has already been so generous in linking to me. Bridgette is probably one of the most giving and productive artists out there. I once commented on how i love the blue she used on this painting and how i kept messing up trying to make that same blue. And a couple of minutes later, there was an email from her giving me the recipe for mixing that blue. Is she cool or what?? :).

Finally, very recently, Kim at Something to Say listed me for the Inspirational Blogger Award. Yay! I came across Kim at Flickr and was quite taken by her photographs of flowers. Never really cared for fresh flowers until i saw her pictures. Seriously, i haven't looked at a flower the same way ever since. If you check out her wallpapers, you will know what i mean.

oh boy, this is going to be a long post...

Okay, instead of responding to each individual tag, i will just combine them all together somehow into one happy one:

Random things about myself i've been eager to share...

◙ Hello, World, i just placed an order on a brand-new factory fresh etching press!!! It's just a tiny one but it's real and professional quality (or so that is what i am told). I didn't go for a really cheap one at Dickblick's that i was going to settle for. Instead, i got this one directly from the manufacturer. 20-year warranty, man. yes! but i have to wait two months for it to be made and shipped out to me. I guess i could get cranking on working on those copper plates in the meanwhile...

Intaglio printmaking is my first love that i discovered in college, and could not have asked for a better professor/mentor for it. I actually only got into painting after college because i didn't have access to an etching press and thought it was a more direct approach to putting the image down. But my process is very similar to how i would go about making a print, layer by layer, step by step:

-preparing the canvas [wooden panel] by cutting the panel, then sanding, nailing and bracing it

-creating the image in layers of one color at a time (as how one would prepare each plate of color separately)

-having deeply scratched lines or some kind of texture created on the surface (just like how etching plates are being worked on with the needle tool, burnisher or mezzotint rocker, all very physical).

◙ I probably look like a little kid in the picture above but i just happily turned 30 a few months ago. This is opposed to miserably turning 20 when i was lamenting about how nothing romantically memorable happened in my teenage years, not even a little kiss on my beautiful full awaiting lips. Now i have all that i had wanted and more. FInally! :).

◙ I like to pluck hair. like leg hair and such, especially while talking on the phone or procrastinating. This probably came from when we were little, my dad would have us help him pluck out whiskers that got missed from shaving. I'm not as bad as May who likes to also pop pimples, which extends to grooming other people close to her (picture chimpanzees). Poor Bryan. (Happy Anniversary, btw.)

Okay, i think i should stop now.

banana grapes
banana grapes, etching, drypoint & chine colle on Arches printmaking paper, 1997

Onto people i am anxious to tag (okay, excluding those who have tagged me or you guys would also have been on my list)...every blogger i know probably already has been tagged so i will just ignore that and proceed to mention those who made a difference to my little blogging world (sorry i am totally breaking the rules of the tagging game):

First and foremost, those close to me who do not have a blog (yet) to link to-

Grace and Aliya, for your friendship and constant support right from the beginning when i first started this blog. I don't think i could have gone on so steadily without you guys being there, giving me feedback and making me feel okay about my awkwardness.

I met Grace when we were in AmeriCorps together. I was first struck by her big beautiful poofy hair and her warm smile. And then when i talked to her, she was all goodness, the most non-judgmental person i know.

Aliya, i met in college, also an art major. And she will tell it straight as to how she sees it. Fun, funny, and always genuine. Hoping you and Grace will have your own blog so you can show the world your art and share your crazy thoughts.

◙ And Maisie, for being there even before the blog, someone who i have been sharing my thoughts about where and how i should go about with art and life and just stuff that comes to mind between us. We've been friends since high school and she is the best kind of friend anyone could have. Unpretentious, thoughtful, trustworthy, and also a super talented interior designer. i am hoping we'll be neighbors (just like how we started out) so we can grow old together.

◙ Next, my mom and Ting for your love and believing in me through it all. And Francis (aka "Chuver...") for your craziness and updates of what's going on at home.

My mom, who is creative in many ways: writing, making clothes (including a beautiful wedding dress for May), budgeting finances, making the most out of the smallest space, is probably my biggest fan, as she also checks out all the profiles and websites of every single person who left a comment. So beware. ;).

One of the best things about having this blog is that i can share the process of art-making with people (particularly family and friends) who aren't already into art. Your interest and attention are just as important as any artsy fartsy person, if not more.

And now onto tagging some bloggers...for those who have not been tagged, please consider this an official tag to list some random facts about yourself! And you guys are also tagged with both the Rockin' Girl Blogger and the Inspirational Blogger Award.

◙ dearest Marjojo at My Art Grows Around Me
How do i begin to express how deeply affected i am by your words, your works, your ever perceptive insightful feedback, and the dialogue between us? BTW, i also learn a new word for every post or comment you make. If there was just one art pill to take, i would take yours any time of the day.

◙ crazy (my cousin said it, not me) Anne-Laure at A Path No Wider Than A Pencil Stroke
Did i tell you i love your boxes? and now your recent progression with the tracing paper. My heart is racing for it and i'm waiting to see those images on the big screen before saying more. Right from the beginning when you first left a comment here, i knew we'll be having a good exchange of thoughts and feedback!

◙ Erin, Erin the Sculptress
We have only just recently made contact, yet i already feel some kind of bond with you (sorry if i am imposing myself onto you). I am touched by your thoughts and how you are working through things with your work and what you find around you.

◙ Kruse at Welcome to My Brain
If you go and read through Kruse's blog, i bet you'll come out a little bit different. I think it is really good organic food for the art soul. I'm so looking forward to seeing the new work you'll be posting up, Kruse!

◙ Bobbi at Cobaltika
I love Bobbi's writing and the photographs that she takes to accompany her thoughts. It is like going into a little enchanted world that only she could take you to. Yet, it is all very real how she tells it, her inner thoughts and feelings about things and people close to her. I got hooked right from the first time i came across her blog.

Okay, that's it. I think i have babbled on for a year's worth of posts now.


  1. Yay! You got an etching press! How wonderful is that!? I read every BIT of your post! Even when I paint (not very often), it too becomes a textural and tactile process for me. Which is why I like intaglio so much; from plate preparation to printing (I'm also a chine colle addict).
    Yeah, Bridgette's blog is truly an inspiration and I too am hooked on Cobaltika. I wish I knew which cheap cameras she was using and is is it print or digital?? And I too am waiting to see what becomes of Anne-Laure's tracing paper project.
    OK, so blogger doesn't let us see each other's email here is mine:

  2. Hey Mieny, nice epoxy(?) bottle drawing. I like the photo of yourself! And I like your paper, clay and wire work. (i can't wait to relax and make art up there with you)
    Thank you for the shout out! ^_^ I feel thpecial.

  3. thank you for your sweet tag Mien!
    I'm getting ready to go off to toronto for a week-end show, hopefully I'll have some more tracing paper pictures from that (I'm still unsure about how it'll all look, once things are all set up... always trying to do too much at the last minute....but exciting too I guess).
    I enjoyed your little tidbits by the way too :-)

  4. Hi Mien

    Thank you for the link

    Such beautiful things you make: really lovely.
    I especially like your profile description: very whimsical yet direct! :)

    Count me as a new subscriber!

  5. Hey Mien......BLUSH ;)- thanks so much for the beautiful words, I can't say, if you're right!
    I feel so grateful, too, for all the beautiful people I meet in blogger-world!
    This is a very beautiful post and I can tell you: you are really inspiring me with your stylistic vocabulary, with you white-white-white, with your struggle to find your way........

  6. An etching press!! I'm very jelous!! I can't wait to see what beautiful creations you come up with. And thatnks for the blog recomendations, will have to check them out :)

  7. Are you aware of the fact that shiao ju works in a piano store?

    I went to work with Shiao Ju the other day and I couldn't contain myself. SERIOUSLY WHY DIDNT ANYONE TELL ME? I was freaking screaming and flapping my arms. There were freaking over a dozen GRAND PIANOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AHGHAHGAHGHAGHAHGAHGAHGHAGH SO PISSED WHAT THE HELL

  8. hi everyone! :).

    uhh...chuver, i thought you knew. it's not like you don't see or talk to shao ju. even your mom knows. didn't shao ju invite you to one of their concerts and you weren't interested or something?

    btw, do you still have the binoculars or do i have them?

  9. that was a *great* and lovely post. you are such a gift. i love your work and your process and your sweet spirit. (ps to aluappaula: jamcam, pencam, plastic dollar store cameras, etc! (-: )

  10. thanks for such kind words mien! you've always been there for me too...such a positive influence...always having more confidence in me then i do and pointing out my options when i get trapped/wrapped up in my little world. i do so love to hear that you are happily enjoying 30 and love reading your thoughts about the art 'you' love to create...the process....the journey is just as important as the destination, right? i hope we end up neighbors again too.