Friday, September 14, 2007

spoons mountain

watercolor monotype on arches printmaking paper, image size 14 x 11.4 cm on paper size 35.8 x 28.4 (above image is cropped, so you would see more white space around the image in the actual print), 1997

Watercolor image was first painted on printable/paintable acetate [wet-media acetate] and then when it is dry, it is printed on slightly damp printmaking paper, as what you see here.


  1. I like this a lot, it's much more 'printerly' than I usually associate with watercolour. I love doing monotypes so I might have to play around with this technique.

  2. yes, i never thought of it that way - being more printerly, like it has been captured mid-flow of the watercolor or something.

  3. Thank you for sharing this technique and very nice outcome. I am enjoying your work, there is a certain quiet joy to it that is very special.

  4. Cathy from novembermoon? If it is, extra happy to see you here! :). thank you for your comment.

  5. Yummy, that's what I say! Do you have your pressbed already set up? I thought you just ordered it recently...

  6. Mien, I like this a lot and thank you for sharing the technic, too.
    Did you know that I LOVE watercolours?

  7. Paula, these are old prints that i did while i was in college. still waiting for the press...

    Uschi, i didn't know you love watercolors. but that sure goes hand in hand with paper. :). i got a thing for paper after i discovered printmaking.

  8. Hello there Red Red Day - I have been to your blog before or maybe commented on your work on the Flickr site ??!!

    Anyway - this watercolor print looks yummy!!!
    Its just the kind of thing I want to be able to get with the monotypes I am doing. You mentioned that you painted the image on acetate first. Did you roll up some kind of a coating onto the acetate first? Its just that otherwise I would think that the paint would go into beads on the surface?? Please try to remember what you did - I know it was ages ago i.e., you did the print a while back.

    Hope your press arrives soon. You will have so much fun !!!

    best wishes