Friday, September 28, 2007

they carry the sounds of wind

self-hardening red clay, no bigger than 8 cm, in the process of drying

Made these last Wednesday when i called in sick for work. Felt much better at the end of the day.


  1. I can hear them making little "breathy' sounds.
    A choir with pursed lips. Gorgeous!

  2. Wow, I never thought of playing with clay when staying at home because I was sick. What a great idea (as I know it would make me feel better too). These are fantastic. They seem to be like little creatures!

  3. These are wonderful little creatures. Yes, Helle's comment hits it. A choir with pursed lips....

  4. ohohoh!! I can hear them blow and toot, whiff and sough, puff and aspirate and I can see them swing and sway and move, all to give you are really good feeling! So affectionate funny little "guys"...

  5. thanks, everyone! :). it will be interesting to see how wrapping them will change how they are.

  6. Ooo, funny and strangely sexy, and beautiful. Nice work!

  7. I keep going back to these little guys and delighting in their distinct characters. So simple and yet quite charged. The top one in my mind has a nasal voice, maybe from a cold, is a bit delicate and shy but enthusiastic and dedicated and sings with eyes closed. The one further down, with mouth firmly locked, I took for an old toothless one but now I think that it’s just one that is sulking and resists all attempts of being drawn out and talking again, but barely. The pear-shaped one above that one sings with fluted lips, a bit posh maybe, and the one at the bottom is unsure of its voice, only a piep emerges, and even that makes it blush.
    Re: Russian fairy tales, they are slightly different from Grimms’, but not as different as I’d hoped for. Frost plays a big part, and I am quite fascinated by the witch who has iron teeth that she can sharpen with a file and who has got a house on chicken’s legs. In one tale a baby-witch is so big that she bodily fills a whole hall in a castle! That images has certainly stayed with me.
    Looked up Manipelts for you, found it was listed under German name which is Allerleirauh,
    Today finally the sun was out again! I crave light, hate those grey gloomy days, they seem to directly affect my mood. Sat outside for a while and let the sun warm me up. Did you go running?

  8. funny little monsters! i wanna go visit you soon so i can steal stuff for my apt. :P

  9. a wail, true.

    I feel it most with that top one, something about the little tremble on the left side, and then I came upon your discussion with marjojo, and thought it interesting you seem to be searching for something that touches on work I began last year of birds calling...

    my journal from over a year ago says "Sorrow is a kind of muteness, I can keep speaking, saying the same things over and over and still it is not enough, it is only white noise, a static cry."

    and then a quote from Averno (about Persephone)
    "My breath was white, a description of silence" -Louise Gluck

    I'm glad your visit helped and the anger abated a bit. I've been more aware of the void lately, but am going to see my aunts next week, perhaps it will help too.

  10. I had no idea you even knew of Gluck! Averno is actually the only thing I've read by her. Reading it, I enjoyed the strong sense of visual language,how she juggles imagery throughout the book, and I'm always fascinated with a woman's perspective in myth.
    I know what you mean about taking breaks, and how frighteningly easy it is to just loaf, I made a bad habit of it a while ago and am still trying to pull completely out of it, having contact with other artists in the blogging world definitely helps motivate both through a healthy sense of competition and meaningful conversation. The slip into fall weather helps too:)

  11. somehow the appearance of bellybuttons on some of these makes it seem more plausible that they can cry.