Sunday, October 14, 2007


[fruits series] drypoint & chine colle on arches printmaking paper (printed from hard cardboard not copper plate), image size 7 x 7.5 cm, 1997


  1. love these fruit prints.

    Yesterday at the farmer's market I was picking up my box of veggies from the csa farm that I subscribe too and told him that I was thinking of doing a series on vegetables and fruits. I've been so inspired from my weekly pick up of veggies this summer.

    Neat to see you on a similar wave length! :)

    Thanks for your flickr comment. Glad you received the postcard. :)

  2. interesting picts You may want to vist our rooms invaded with red these days

  3. Even though very different, still some of the similar organic shapes that you're using now.
    I'll post some pictures of the walking text stuff hopefully soon, they ended up being pages of mostly pencil drawing on gesso, probably lots of similar elements that are in the paintings, but not a lot of color.
    A bit of ladder found itself in a painting I was working on today, still have to take a picture of it though.

  4. Say, these grapes kinda look like a tricycle. Do you c it, do u c it?

  5. This is a good one. You are using line well. The others are weaker. Try to combine line and tone (through negative space), this will be stronger. Jerry

  6. I don't have anything intelligent or artistic to contribute, but I can add to Grace's note. Tricycle was my first thought...ridden a lot by a happy grateful youngin'. Then the kiddie started doing cartwheels in my head. Great work! Let's eat!