Friday, December 21, 2007

oh ho ho!

Guess what?! my etching press from the Conrad Machine Company finally finally arrived today!

super big happy package

Was a bit peeved that it took 3 months (almost 4 months?) to get here when the estimate time was 2 months. But when i called to ask what the heck is up with it and that i would really like it before Christmas, the lady i spoke to got back to me pretty quickly afterwards and here it is! yay!

Conrad E-12 etching press

Look at how it is packaged. It is held by wooden supports and screwed right to the box. Pretty sturdy packaging. Not a single wasteful un-biodegradable styrofoam material used. The press weighs 100 lbs. I am waiting to take it out because my place is a mess! and have to figure out how to rearrange my workspace. oh i am so excited.

a big mess

So did i say i had a happy clutter before? it is not.

not a happy clutter
stupid book is still in progress...


  1. Just as I was wondering where you'd disappeared to, and on the verge of a shout out helllo? heeellloooo?, you write with exciting news. A press!
    Yay for new tools! love the sign to indicate it's presence.

    Sorry to hear the book is still frustrating you, maybe something really drastic needs to happen to it?

  2. hey Erin! so good to hear from you so fast! :). i've been so enjoying your frequent blog entries. love love your white on white/light sensibility.

    so yeah, i keep thinking to not wait til i'm done with the book to put up a new post but in between working on the book, i also have been out sick these days. but better now! :).

    what happened with the book is that i finally realized i needed to give it time for the pages to lay flat and dry the right way. bad techniques really affected the look of the images made. so i had to redo (tear out & reconstruct) a lot of the pages. did not realize this until third time around. so now it is close to finishing...(but this is the 4th time i'm saying this). heh. :\.

  3. haha I was rereading and editing my comment and then you wrote at the same time...
    completely understand the predicament of working and not posting especially on top of being sick. Just from being extra busy this week I've fallen behind with my posts as well.
    So glad you are working out your technique, looking forward to seeing it's development, even if it ends up being the fifth or sixth reincarnation of it :)

  4. Yaaaaaay, your press came just in time for Christmas!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS, MIENY! I'm really happy for you. I wish I could help ya rearrange your place. One day I shall visit! I can't wait to see your new prints and your book. Maybe some prints pasted in the book?

  5. what a coinky thing, Erin. and while you were writing that third comment, i was writing to you on flickr. :).
    and i think the book is really close to finishing!! + + + will let it sit for a few days and see + + +

    dear Gracie, you are so sweet. i wish you could come help me rearrange too! although i would be kinda embarrassed to let you see all the stuff i've been hoarding. tomorrow i will start cleaning a little bit. you know what i'm looking forward to afterwards? some yummy gingerbread cookies!! ;).

  6. Yay!!!!! The press is finally here! Hot diggity dog! Looks like the book is almost done?
    Life is good...

  7. Etch, etch! Press, press! I'm so happy you got such a great new toy for Christmas! Mien, you're a woman of many, many talents, but I don't think I've ever---ever---spent time with you where you didn't mention printmaking. More instruments for making that lovely mind and heart of yours manifest materially for the rest of us to enjoy!

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  9. An etching press sounds fascinating! (I love how you had to draw a label with 'new press' pointing downwards) :)

  10. so excited about your press! cant wait to see what's up your sleeve ;)