Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Someone not too happy with me right now. or because of the things i say.

This morning woke up with a slight heartache, dreaming of little Ting playing video games making home furniture explode, of Baby craving for meat and meat because he's been having too much cheese and tomato. Drove to work and passed by two car accidents on the way. Still still smelling of vomit from the spoiled spilled coffee that got on the books in the stacks.

But hey i got an email from Ting today, a good chat with May, another unexpected email from a farawy friend and a package from Baby. yummy homemade chocolate covered gummi bears and comforting vibes, nothing blah about that for sure.

So i finally got to testing out my new etching press this past weekend. Pulled some really horrible washed-out prints. I really need to get some tarlatan. Could not help but thought of K's technical expertise and imagined what he would think, what he would say, how he would look saying it or not saying it. And still now, could not help wishing for more.


  1. thanks, Gracie. :]. i am okay.

  2. dearest mien,
    thank you so much for your comment you left for me on my last post. I wish I had the words to tell you how much your words mean to me. But all I can say is~thank you~ and hope you know it is heartfelt.

    sorry you had a blah day. i hope it ended it better. chocolate covered gummi bears?? I've never eaten anything like that!

    xo, bri

  3. Mien, my heart was with you all day yesterday even if my words weren't, a bit too choked to try to write. Feels like I am always wishing for just a bit more as well . . . though I treasure the tools that were my mother's, I hurt to know she won't ever use them again and I'd trade all of my own to see her work with hers again. Six more days will be two years.
    I miss my old printmaking partner too, though I may see her again one day, just when I start to worry she sends me a postcard to say hello.
    Maybe my mom and K. are like that too sending us little gifts to recognize: little habits we picked up from them or love of the things we learned to value because of them. And we send gifts back by making when they can't anymore.

    oh and cheers to the people in our lives who bring sweetnesses like chocolate covered gummi bears into our lives!

  4. It's good AND sad to be reminded of someone who died, isn't it? Little things do it, unexpectedly, and within a breath's time we are somewhere else. That red dot touched me too, it’s like a pin-prick in skin, a tiny but piercing wound.
    Wished I could send you this mail in chocolate letters.

  5. *hugs* to you guys

    Bridgette, those chocolate gummi bears are good! first discovered them at Wegman's (not sure if there's one where you are). i sent some to my little cousin last year. i guess that is how he got the idea to make his own since they are hard to find elsewhere.

    oh Erin...i hope these few days will not be too difficult for you...but it's okay if it is, right? what you wrote here touched me deeply. you remind me again of what you had said about dispersal...and i'm finding the strength to approach these failed efforts and keep going.

    and Marjojo...how is it that you even noticed the tiny red mark?? so true what you say. just the mere mentioning of 'someone who died' caught me off guard and it still hurts a little. but it's okay. feels good to be able to be sad sometimes.