Tuesday, January 1, 2008

happy happy new year!

book finished! more later...

Cheers to a more productive more connected new year!!


  1. Happy New Year Da Jie!! See you at our next New Year's (next month)! Gosh, I love embracing so many different cultures...more holidays, festivities, etc.

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  3. Yay! Beautiful red red book! Love it! And amen to all that you cheer for! Hi too to your fine clan at your next New Year's next month!

    Oh, and yes: I don't know why people work themselves up into such a tizzy about various versions of the notion of "multiculturalism" when (at least to me), what it mainly means is more holidays, more celebrations, and more (quantity and variety of) food to eat with your friends and family!

  4. Yaay! Cheers to the finished book and new year!

  5. This is beautiful, happy new year to you!!

  6. thanks, guys! hope everyone is off to a great start to the new year! a week into 2008 already. so fast!

    Cat, tentative plans esp since still kinda sick and hurt my back again. so behind with things right now. tired of lying around in bed. :(. you'll have to save me some chinese goodies if i don't make it back, okay? :). heheh.

    rcatbcat, where you been? kept missing you. when i think of multiculturalism, i just think of you speaking all these crazy languages and happily trying out all sorts of foods regardless of how it looks or smells. :).

    Happy New Year to you too, Bridgette and Babelfish! *hugs*

    Grace, me we loving your gingerbread cookies! they're almost too cute to be eaten but i couldn't hold off anymore so we ate some first thing this morning! yummm. :).

  7. ^_^ eee! I'm glad u likey!

    I too hurt my back last night. :-( Showing Antny some dances moves, haha. Guess which style?!?

  8. hey Grace, just saw this here. bet your back is all good now. but curious what wild moves you were showing Anthony that made your back go out of whack...? mmmm. is it rated R? ;).