Saturday, February 2, 2008


Baby's homemade chocolate covered gummi bears, last ones left.

The other night we took turns laughing in our sleep. Neither of us could remember what was so funny but John sure could giggle like a little girl. ahah. :D.


  1. Mien, you and marjojo are right missing someone who has died is both good and sad, even if the next few days are hard I don't mind too much even if I find myself lethargic and achy. I kind of cherish those moments, those vestiges of grief that surface less and less, I wouldn't wish them to go away just yet(maybe ever).

    I love the little drawing on the plate, I just purchased a membership to a studio with the plan to make kitchenware for my home, I'll keep that little line in mind when I get around to working on them.
    Love that you both were laughing in your sleep, do you ever talk about your dreams and find you've dreamt similar things?

    hmm.. still looking for that book, I haven't forgotten about it.

  2. hey Erin :). how wonderful you noticed the 'drawing' on the plate. not my mark but was made by the teapot that i usually place on it. i was actually trying to scrub it off before setting it up for the picture but it wouldn't come off unless i use bleach. decided i kinda like it like that so just left it alone. i'm so looking forward to see what you'll make out of that studio you just got membership to. love that you noticed these small lines and details.

    we talk about our dreams but don't remember if we dreamt similar things. maybe? i like that idea a lot...not just in this case but in general...

    know what you mean about not wishing those moments to go away...

  3. These choco gummi bears look so fantastic, what a funny idea :)

  4. double-sweet post, i think i have a cavity

  5. yum yum, i like how you have a thread going on here, the last food items (thinking of that last clementine recently, or maybe it was a mandarin, i forget).

    lasts never last in my house, the minute i know the food is in short supply my primitive instincts kick in and i gobble it up before some other creature gets it. who am i kidding, i do that at every stage!

  6. Hi Mien,

    I hope you don't mind but I've nominated you for a 'you make my day' award, over on my blog. Love your style and also your comments. Thank you thank you.

  7. Are you going to make chocolate hearts for Valentine's Day??

  8. hi Everyone. :). i am back from being sick in bed with a bad cold.

    look, Cally, another 'food' post above. :). continuing the thread you pointed out. none of it intentional but i like it. i have another one i might post up.

    hi Karin, chocolate covered gummi bears are really good.

    cavity Grace, i did not make any hearts. aren't the guys supposed to make them for us?? hope you had a lovely day with A. :).