Wednesday, March 26, 2008

fill me

Except for these clay pieces, nothing much is going on in studio right now. I haven't painted or printed anything at all these past few weeks (months?!). I'm about to burst.

This past weekend, i was home with the family, hanging out mostly with my sisters and cousins. Still so happy that Michael suggested going to the museum, which i totally did not know he would be interested in doing. You're my new museum buddy forever now, Mikey. None of us who went (me, M, and F) to the Whitney Museum were crazy with the current Biennial show but it was good just to have gone together. We all did like one wall drawing by Sol LeWitt and an installation by Carol Bove (okay, just Michael for that one; Francis doesn't like it and i would have liked it more if you could run through it).

Ting and May looking older, more grown-up, so beautiful and alike in ways i had not notice before.

The next day, May gave me a short short haircut that i've been wanting. In the middle of the haircut, the parents' visitors came and i quickly tried to hide and clean up. Saw how nicely the fallen hair got clustered together when i started to pick it up. And before anyone could catch what i was doing, i stuffed it in a bag for me to take back with me. Look where they are now:

Wish i had collected more.


  1. That is chuver gross.

  2. But I didn't really like the Carl Bove piece. Honestly I didn't like any of the art except for the painting you mentioned because the artist didn't draw it him self he wrote instructions for other people to do it which is a cool idea. You know, if we all lived together we could all hang out more.

  3. You always find it, Ms. W., you always do! I love especially the little low one, the tuft-in-a-dish.

  4. Why say ‘nothing much’? I like the raw feel of these vessels, they look like they’ve been made directly from earth, and esp. the one on the left makes me think of rocks and crevices developing over time, unattended, there, fact of life. The one further right seems to contain something alien, abject, beautiful. I know it is hair, but still… On its own it feels even stranger, a life-thing seems to reside in there and I’d hesitate to bring my face too close for fear of it jumping out at me and enveloping me with its furry substance. And then the shard with hair, it’s like an offering, it doesn’t feel abject at all. You know how I love (working with) hair, and it’s exactly these qualities that fascinate me, the qualities of hair are always hovering between beauty and repulsiveness, between human and animal-nature, between something pretty and something gross.
    Can’t wait to see what will burst out of you in time. And never say ‘only’.

  5. wonderful, wonderful work. very wabi-sabi-like, i think. truly intuitive. simple, serene. can't wait to see what you come up with next, mein. i have linked your blog to mine. (

    i am only linking blogs that i visit regularly, like YOURS!! keep at least *thinking* about going to the studio. coz you are enormously gifted. ox wendy from whidbey island

  6. would you like some cat hair with that?? :D

    I really do admire your work. It's different. But something about cut hair that gives me the creeps. I don't like cutting my hair

  7. Mieny! It was good to c u when u came back. ^_^ I like your clay creations. I got me hair cut (well, trimmed) today. I wanna c ur hair!

  8. mien, there's a whole heck of a alot I want to write to you about regarding your recent posts, but for right now I'll just say I love these little pots and their contents. The clay pieces look as if they might saunter forth and crawl away. Hair is strange isn't it? visceral and fascinating and sometimes dangerous. I like that you had to be sneaky. I've been collecting my own hair (uncut strands) for two years now (since the death of my mom really). I've a jar full, very different from yours.
    I looked through the online catalog of the Biennial, and was pretty disappointed as well. So much of the work seems too lifeless (analytical?) I do like the Bove piece, the Jedediah Caesar and Corey McCorkle, and I fully agree the Bove should allow walk through.
    I'll visit again soon and try to articulate what's been rolling around in my head lately.

  9. this is almost so fragile, like skin taken away from its visceral grits; like a hollowed self, open and willing to be vessel...
    the hair, too, the protein of the living time line of a life, collected. i feel its sacred work.
    whisper to it, life listens there. Listen back.

  10. Chuver F, i'm always pleased to get your straightforward no-nonsense reaction. makes me happy to see you back here. :).

    thanks, Conor! you know you made my day the other day when i got your blueberry postcard! love it!!!

    Marjojo, do you know that i am thinking on a series to be called 'an offering'?! yup. it hasn't quite taken shape yet but the idea resonates strongly within me. so good you picked up on it. :).

    Wendy, i am so glad you started your blog! there is such good energy there. excited to see more of what you'll be sharing with us.

    hi Jioji! thanks for offering some cat hair. :). do you know you can use pet hair to make rugs?? hair off the head freaks me out too. find it curious that it makes you not like to cut your hair. long long hair on people is super freaky.

    Gracie, aren't you supposed to send me some links and pictures? my haircut is short but maybe not short enough. i have to wear a hat in the morning to get it in place.

    Erin! :). jar full of hair sounds like something in a mad scientist-witch lab. can you just imagine walking into a room full of jars and jars of your beautiful reddish golden hair?

    Mansuetude, what you wrote here really speaks to me, particularly the last line, and about the hair being a 'living time line of a life'...